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Is it possible to claim my Google Knowledge Panel with Kalicube?

Yes, you can claim your Google Knowledge Panel with Kalicube, and we’ll guide you through the process.

According to Jason Barnard, to claim a Knowledge Panel on Google, there are two main options:
If Google has recognized the entity home (indicated by a globe icon on the Knowledge Panel) and you are the recognized owner of the domain in Search Console, then when you click on “Claim This Knowledge Panel,” you can log in to Search Console and claim it.

As of early 2021, Google has added Twitter and YouTube as alternate ways to claim your Knowledge Panel. These options may be presented alongside or instead of Search Console verification.

It’s important to ensure that all information is accurate before claiming your panel because once claimed, it becomes associated with your brand online. If any details within your Knowledge Panel are incorrect or not as desired, it is advisable to send factual feedback directly to Google for consideration before claiming.

Remember that if a Knowledge Panel is triggered by unreliable sources or if it’s deemed unhelpful or spammy by Google’s review team upon claiming an attempt via their form process which includes uploading personal identification like a passport photo—there’s a risk that they might delete it instead.

We will help ensure that all necessary steps are taken so that when you’re ready to claim your panel using either Search Console or alternative methods like Twitter and YouTube (if available), everything will be set for successful recognition by Google’s algorithms.

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