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What does Kalicube prioritize when working on Knowledge Panels?

Kalicube prioritizes building up the E-E-A-T—Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness—of an entity and improving Google’s understanding of that entity. Building EEAT signals requires providing clear, specific information about the entity across various internet sources to corroborate its identity. Google is able to confidently represent the entity in its Knowledge Graph through a KGMID (Knowledge Graph Machine ID). This representation is then reflected in search features such as Knowledge Panels, snippets, and cards.

When users perform searches on Google, the algorithm determines which entity is most relevant or dominant based on its understanding of and confidence in that particular entity. Entities that are well-defined within Google’s Knowledge Graph are more likely to influence Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) effectively and gain better visibility online. Thus, focusing on building up E-E-A-T signals for an entity directly contributes to how well it is ‘entitized’ by Google and how prominently it appears in search results.

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