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How does Kalicube track and improve Online Reputation?

Yes. Kalicube tracks and improves online reputation by monitoring Brand SERPs for your name or your brand using the Kalicube Pro platform.

Kalicube tracks the name or the brand in relevant locations and categorizing the results as positive, negative, or neutral. Kalicube then provides a prioritized list of tasks to improve the positive results and mitigate the negative ones.

The process is determined by analyzing factors such as control, quality, and the number of Rich Elements in your Brand SERP compared to those of your competitors. By doing so, Kalicube assists business leaders, CEOs, and personal and corporation brand managers in effectively gaining control over their Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels.

The goal is to make these elements both positive and accurate while presenting them convincingly on Google’s search engine results pages.

Learn the strategies to effectively manage you Brand SERP and deal with Negative and Sub-Optimal Results >>

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