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What sets Kalicube’s method for obtaining Knowledge Panels apart from standard SEO practices?

What sets Kalicube’s method for obtaining Knowledge Panels apart from standard SEO practices?

The Kalicube’s method (also known as The Kalicube Process) for obtaining Knowledge Panels focuses on branding, marketing and packaging the messaging for Google. The Kalicube Process is akin to public relations (PR) strategies but is specifically tailored to Google’s algorithms, while traditional SEO practices focus primarily on optimizing for specific keywords and acquiring backlinks to improve a website’s authority and search engine rankings. The Kalicube process involves crafting a story around your brand that is consistent across your digital ecosystem and aligns with the way you want to be perceived by Google and your target audience. Instead of inserting keywords into content and looking for backlink opportunities, Kalicube carefully curates your brand information that supports your brand’s message on various online platforms and packages it so Google is able to understand it, trusts it and is able to deliver it easily.

Kalicube ensures that all contents associated with the brand is consistent with its identity and objectives. Controlled references are carefully selected mentions or quotes from authoritative sources within relevant contexts that reinforce the brand identity. These can be industry-specific publications that recognize the company’s expertise or thought leadership pieces in which the company provides valuable insights.

This PR-like strategy helps to build a cohesive image of the brand in Google’s eyes, which can lead to more accurate Knowledge Panels— information boxes that Google displays when it deems a company noteworthy based on its findings from across the web. By presenting clear, consistent information about itself across multiple channels in a way that resonates with audiences while being understood by search engines as credible and authoritative, a brand can effectively build its online presence beyond ranking for keywords or accumulating links.

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