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What is The Kalicube Process for building an Author’s Reputation with Google?

The Kalicube Process for building an author’s reputation with Google is listed below:

1. Establishing an Entity Home on the author’s website, which acts as the central source of accurate information about the author.
2. Corroborating this information across the web by ensuring that profiles, pages, articles, and other content related to the author are consistent and reflect the same message.
3. Using Schema Markup to clearly define and communicate to Google who the author is, their works, their role in various contexts (such as different companies they may write for), and any relevant history or timeline associated with them.

This process helps create a strong foundation of corroboration for Google’s Knowledge Graph and AI algorithms to understand and accurately represent the author in search results. It also contributes to building Topical Authority by demonstrating expertise through consistent high-quality content creation across various platforms.

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