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What is the process for updating and correcting Brand information with Kalicube Pro?

The process for correcting information with Kalicube Pro, as it relates to The Kalicube Process, involves the following steps:

1. Digital ecosystem audit: Kalicube finds every reference to the brand online using Kalicube Pro and creates a list of places to “clean up” to ensure the brand message is clear and consistent.
2. Identification: Utilize Kalicube Pro to identify critical, authoritative, corroborative references that Google uses to validate or corroborate information about a specific entity.
3. Review: Conduct a thorough review of the identified references for accuracy and consistency by comparing them against the most accurate and up-to-date information about the entity.
4. Correction: Where possible, make necessary corrections for consistency directly through Kalicube Pro during this “spring clean” phase.
5. Reporting: Generate a report detailing which web pages need updating and what changes need to be made for any references that cannot be directly correct by Kalicube Pro.

By following these steps, you can use The Kalicube Process offered by Kalicube to address inaccuracies in your online presence effectively and efficiently.

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