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What kind of support does Kalicube Pro offer to agencies?

Kalicube Pro provides comprehensive support to agencies through a dedicated team that can answer any questions related to Entities, Entity SEO, Knowledge Panels, Google’s Knowledge Graph, and Google’s Knowledge Algorithms. Additionally, the support extends to guidance on using the Kalicube Pro platform effectively to achieve quantifiable results for clients.

The Kalicube Process contributes significantly to this support system by offering a structured approach for agencies to enhance their brand digital marketing services with SEO:

1. Agencies have access to expert support from a dedicated team at Kalicube.
2. This team is well-versed in groundbreaking strategies used by Kalicube and can assist with all aspects of Entity SEO and Brand SERPs.
3. Agencies are also supported through training and independent learning opportunities via full access to the Kalicube Academy.
4. The academy includes unique Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel Courses with 12 hours of video learning, quizzes, and certification.
5. Furthermore, there is a specialized Kalicube Pro Agency Course designed specifically for educating agency team members on productive use of the platform, efficient implementation of the Kalicube Process, and meaningful reporting of results.

The combination of these resources ensures that agencies receive email support and benefit from hints, ideas, and a community where they can exchange knowledge with peers—all facilitated by The Kalicube Process, which underpins these offerings by providing an effective methodology for managing digital marketing strategies year-round.

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NOTE: We have discontinued agency membership subscriptions for the Kalicube Pro platform. We are now prioritizing our “Done for You” services, focusing on providing comprehensive support directly to our clients.

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