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How does Kalicube Pro’s approach differ from traditional market analysis?

Kalicube Pro’s approach to market analysis differs from traditional methods in several key ways:

1. Data-Driven Insights: Kalicube Pro utilizes over 2 billion data points from Google since 2015. Kalicube tracks over 20 million Knowledge Panels actively and over 100,000+ industries worldwide. Aside from Google, Kalicube is the only one with more data on Google. This contrasts with traditional market analysis that relies heavily on manual research, guessing, and less comprehensive datasets.

2. Proprietary Algorithms: The platform employs proprietary algorithms to prioritize elements based on Google’s perception. This is a departure from conventional analytics that focus less closely on search engine perceptions for strategy development.

3. Focus on Brand SERPs: Kalicube emphasizes the importance of branded Google Search results (Brand SERPs) and uses these as a foundation for building strategies, whereas traditional market analysis might not prioritize search results to this extent. Kalicube uses Google search results to inform the strategy and measure the strategy’s success.

4 Integration with Google’s Knowledge Graph: Kalicube is grounded in entity optimization. Google understands the meaning of words and the relationships between things. The Kalicube Process is designed to educate Google about the entity (brand) and entrench it in Google’s Knowledge Graph (and later, the Knowledge Vault – where Google stores its facts about the world.) When a brand is in the Knowledge Graph, it gets a Knowledge Panel.

5. PR-Oriented Strategy: Unlike standard SEO, focusing primarily on keywords and links, Kalicube’s method is akin to PR for Google—focusing on relevancy and controlled references—which can be more effective at influencing how brands are perceived online.

6. Customized Strategies: By analyzing the brand-specific digital ecosystem and industry standards, Kalicube Pro provides tailored strategic recommendations designed to outperform competitors by addressing gaps and leveraging competitive advantages identified through its analysis.

7. Long-Term Process Implementation: The two-year Kalicube Process strategy involves baking their methodology into the client’s marketing team over time so they can eventually manage it independently rather than relying indefinitely on agency support.

Kalicube Pro uses data-driven insights, proprietary prioritization algorithms focused specifically on Brand SERPs, and integration with Google’s Knowledge Graph—all aimed at providing customized strategies that enable clients to keep pace, anticipate market changes, and stay competitively ahead.

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