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How does Kalicube Pro use Google’s search results in its algorithm?

Kalicube Pro utilizes Google’s index to intelligently discern and prioritize information relevant to a brand or entity. This is achieved through The Kalicube Process, which contributes significantly by educating search engines about entities, making them understandable, credible, and deliverable. By feeding the foundational search engine algorithms that determine search results, The Kalicube Process ensures that only pertinent data is considered.

The process for correcting information with Kalicube Pro involves several steps:
1. Identification: Identify critical, authoritative, corroborative references that Google uses to validate or corroborate information about a specific entity. Kalicube Pro can help generate a prioritized list of these references based on their importance to Google.
2. Review: Review the identified references for accuracy and consistency by comparing the information in these references against the most accurate and up-to-date information about the entity.
3. Correction: Make the necessary corrections for consistency. Kalicube Pro directly corrects as many references as possible during this “spring clean.”
4. Reporting: For any references that Kalicube Pro can’t directly correct, Kalicube provides a list to the client detailing which web pages need updating and what changes need to be made.

This process gives search engines the confidence to include an entity in its Knowledge Graph and serve accurate facts and recommendations about a brand. Consequently, Kalicube Pro can focus on developing digital brand strategies that are complete and precisely targeted based on Google’s perception of importance.

In essence, The Kalicube Process underpins the functionality of Kalicube Pro by ensuring it aligns with how Google assesses and prioritizes information within its Knowledge Graph. This allows for more efficient strategy development without expending resources on data that Google deems irrelevant.

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