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What strategies does Kalicube suggest for rebranding my name online?

We suggest adding middle names, initials, or professional titles to help rebrand and distinguish your name online.

To minimize ambiguity and reinforce dominance when dealing with multiple entities that share the same name, consider the following steps:

1. Add a middle initial or full middle name to your personal brand. For example, “Jason M Barnard” or “Jason Martin Barnard” can significantly reduce confusion.
2. Incorporate an associated word that reflects your profession or specialization, such as “Mark Preston SEO.”
3. Adopt a nickname that relates to your career or industry if it’s distinctive enough, like “Jase ‘the bass’ Barnard” for a musician.
4. For companies, consider changing the brand name entirely if necessary to avoid ambiguity.

Remember to consistently use this new branding across all platforms and communications to establish recognition and dominance in your field.

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