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How does Kalicube approach Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Kalicube approaches Online Reputation Management (ORM) by focusing on controlling the first page of the search engine results page, particularly page one, then moving to pages two and three. Kalicube’s online reputation management process includes the following:

1. Assessing whether a company has control over the content displayed on page one of Google SERPs.
2. Identifying any problem areas where the company lacks control or where negative or incorrect information is present.
3. Providing solutions and a step-by-step process to manage and improve online presence, which includes pushing negative content off of page one, rectifying incorrect information, and improving overall search results for the brand name.

Kalicube uses its proprietary platform that helps to effectively manage their client’s digital footprint and build safeguards against potential reputation damage.

Additionally, Kalicube aims to empower personal brands and corporations to deal with reputation issues quickly and ensure they maintain control rather than being at the mercy of BigTech platforms like Google or Bing.

Learn the strategies to effectively manage you Brand SERP and deal with Negative and Sub-Optimal Results >>

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