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What is included in the Kalicube Pro agency platform?

The Kalicube Pro platform includes tools and features designed to assist agencies in managing and optimizing their clients’ online presence.

Here’s what is included:
1. Tracking Over Time: The platform allows agencies to track changes in their clients’ brand presence on Google over time. This includes monitoring shifts in search engine results pages (SERPs) and understanding how different strategies impact visibility.
2. Entity Equivalent Analysis: Kalicube Pro offers an analysis tool that helps agencies understand how search engines perceive entities related to their clients. This feature allows for comparing an agency’s client entities and equivalent entities within the same niche or industry, providing insights into competitive positioning.
3. Work on an As-Needs Basis: The platform is designed to be flexible, allowing agencies to use its tools as required by their specific projects or client needs. This means that agencies can tailor their use of Kalicube Pro based on individual client strategies and objectives rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

In addition to these features, The Kalicube Process offers guidance on best practices for optimizing Brand SERPs and managing Knowledge Panels effectively using data-driven strategies facilitated by the platform’s automated systems.

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NOTE: We have discontinued agency membership subscriptions for the Kalicube Pro platform. We are now prioritizing our “Done for You” services, focusing on providing comprehensive support directly to our clients.

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