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What does Kalicube’s Entity Management service for Authors include?

Kalicube’s Entity Management Service for a Person such as authors focuses on establishing and optimizing an author’s online presence for E-E-A-T (Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).

The Kalicube Process involves the following things:

1. Identification of the Author’s Entity Home: This is typically the author’s personal website or a primary web page that represents them online.
2. Optimization with NLP Techniques: Crafting an NLP-optimized description that captures the essence of the author’s work and expertise.
3. Schema Markup Implementation: Defining fundamental facts about the author for structured data markup helps search engines understand and display information about them more effectively.
4. Corroboration List Creation: Compiling a prioritized list of first and third-party web pages dedicated to the author, ensuring these sources corroborate the information on their Entity Home.
5. Knowledge Panel Triggering: Employing strategies aimed at triggering a Knowledge Panel in Google search results, which showcases key information about the author in an easily accessible format.
6. Information Correction (if necessary): Addressing any inaccuracies across various platforms to maintain consistency and accuracy of information related to the author.
7. Continuous Management: Ongoing efforts to keep all details up-to-date and relevant, reinforcing credibility in users’ eyes and search engine algorithms.

Managing these aspects meticulously, Kalicube ensures that authors can control their brand narrative well online, boosting their visibility, credibility, and brand profile.

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