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What time frame can I expect to see results with Kalicube Pro?

The time frame to see results with Kalicube Pro varies depending on how fragmented a brand’s digital ecosystem is. Educating Google Knowledge, establishing facts in Google’s Knowledge Vault, is a slow process – typically moving in 3-month increments. Updating the web index is fast because Google does not verify information or represent its truthfulness. Google’s algorithms look for corroborated details about what a brand says about itself before it gains the confidence to present it as a fact in a Knowledge Panel.

Brands will see results within six months, but building a stable and accurate Knowledge Panel that does not disappear with a Knowledge Graph update takes approximately one year – with a further year to completely entrench it in Google’s brain.

Kalicube Pro streamlines the process of building a strong online presence and ensures that brands focus on the most critical factors for their industry. The goal is to get a Knowledge Panel and improve Google’s confidence in brand recognition over time through continuous tracking and optimization of the digital ecosystem, which impact the Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels.

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