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What is the role of an in-house team member in working with Kalicube?

The in-house team member will interact with Kalicube’s team and learn to become autonomous in managing the Knowledge Panel. This means that through collaboration with Kalicube, an internal staff member of a company or agency will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to manage their digital marketing, Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel independently. Based on experience, understanding the process well enough to implement it autonomously takes around one year (and an ongoing subscription to Kalicube Pro to access the data.)  This process involves understanding The Kalicube Process for building, changing, or improving Knowledge Panels and utilizing tools provided by Kalicube Pro for ongoing management.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of their responsibilities:

1. Liaison: The in-house team member acts as the primary point of contact between their organization and Kalicube, facilitating communication and ensuring that both parties are aligned on objectives.
2. Learning and Application: They watch the courses in the Kalicube Academy. The courses cover Brand SERP optimization and Knowledge Panels.
3. Data Collection: The team members will gather information about their entity to populate and refine their Digital Ecosystem List using Kalicube Pro, which is crucial for modifying Knowledge Panel data and rolling out the digital strategy.
4. Implementation: They will apply strategies developed from millions of data points provided by Kalicube Pro to build or improve their organization’s Knowledge Panel and Brand SERP.
5. Troubleshooting: If there are issues with existing Knowledge Panels or the Brand SERP, such as inaccuracies or disappearance, they will work closely with Kalicube to troubleshoot these problems effectively.
6. Ongoing Management: At the end of the contract, the team member will manage The Kalicube Process using tools and techniques learned from Kalicube Pro for continuous optimization. Many clients have six monthly “check-in” calls to track progress.

By fulfilling these roles, an in-house team member becomes empowered to collaborate effectively with Kalicube and eventually take on independent management of their entity’s online presence, including its Knowledge Panel, AI Overviews (Search Generative Experience) results, and the brand search results pages on Google through The Kalicube Process.

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