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How does Kalicube track and analyzes an Entity’s Online Presence?

Kalicube tracks and analyzes an entity’s presence by monitoring the brand’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) on a daily basis. The Kalicube Process, which is automated within the Kalicube Pro platform, offers a comprehensive approach to Online Reputation Management (ORM) by:

1. Tracking the Brand SERP for various entities related to the brand, such as the brand name itself, podcasts, products, or key individuals associated with the brand.
2. Assessing how well Google understands each entity through metrics like prominence in search results and salience in terms of relevance to search queries.
3. Identifying whether an entity has a Knowledge Graph ID (KGID) presence which indicates that Google recognizes it as a distinct and notable entity.
4. Analyzing content across the entire search result page to provide insights into how effectively the brand is managing its identity online.
5. Offering Brand SERP features that help manage online reputation by highlighting both positive aspects and issues within Google’s representation of the brand.
6. Enabling users to track changes over time so they can see how their efforts are impacting their presence in both Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels.

By following these steps, Kalicube Pro helps brands understand their current online standing while providing actionable strategies for improving visibility and credibility on search engines through ORM practices guided by The Kalicube Process.

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