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Does Kalicube Pro offer training for its platform?

Yes, Kalicube Pro offers comprehensive training for its platform.

The training includes 12 hours of courses that teach brand search management, knowledge panel management, and how to use the platform effectively. These educational resources are part of the full access provided to the Kalicube Academy, which features unique Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel Courses complete with video learning material, quizzes, and certification to ensure your team can implement the Kalicube Process efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, a dedicated support team is available to answer any questions regarding Entities, Entity SEO, Knowledge Panels, Google’s Knowledge Graph, and Algorithms, as well as guidance on leveraging quantifiable results for clients using the Kalicube Pro platform.

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NOTE: We have discontinued agency membership subscriptions for the Kalicube Pro platform. We are now prioritizing our “Done for You” services, focusing on providing comprehensive support directly to our clients.

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