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What does the process of working with Kalicube look like for a new client?

The process of working with Kalicube for a new client involves several key steps:

1. Initial Analysis: We conduct an in-depth analysis of the client’s business through Google and Kalicube Pro. This includes examining the brand’s and its competitors’ search results to gain insights into their digital ecosystem and market positioning.

2. Digital Audit and Clean Up: We create a list of all online sources where the brand is present and create a clear consistent, NLP optimized entity description that must be used across all platforms.

3. Identify the Entity Home: This is the place Google uses to corroborate the information it finds about your brand on sources it trusts on the web. Your entity home is the complete description of your brand and how you want to represent it. We help Google piece together the information it finds online – and we start by ensuring the information is consistent across all platforms. An entity home is a website page dedicated to The Kalicube Process and is fundamental for success.

4. Market Analysis: The information gathered from Google and Kalicube Pro is then used to perform a complete audit of the brand’s presence within its market, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

5. Strategy Development: Using our proprietary algorithms, we prioritize the most effective and efficient marketing actions based on the data collected from the initial analysis, entity equivalent, and market audit.

6. Gantt Chart Creation: A tailored Gantt chart strategy is created to map out these prioritized marketing actions over time. This visual project management tool helps both Kalicube and the client understand what needs to be done, by when, and in what order to achieve optimal results.

7. Implementation Guidance: We guide our clients through implementing this bespoke strategy step-by-step while adapting it as necessary in response to any changes in their digital landscape or market conditions.

Throughout this process, Kalicube works closely with each client to ensure that their brand remains focused while aiming for growth in visibility, organic SEO traffic, and revenue.

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