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How does Kalicube utilize Google’s search results within its proprietary algorithm?

How does Kalicube utilize Google’s search results within its proprietary algorithm?

Kalicube harnesses Google’s search results to inform its algorithm by analyzing the indexed information that appears when a brand name is searched. This analysis allows Kalicube to understand how well Google perceives various entities associated with a brand, such as the brand itself, key personnel, products, or services. By focusing on this data, Kalicube Pro platform can prioritize the most relevant and impactful elements for optimization.

The Kalicube Process offers several advantages for Brand SERP and Online Reputation Management (ORM):

1. It identifies how prominently a brand features on its SERPs, which is crucial for visibility.
2. The process assesses the accuracy and completeness of information presented in search results.
3. It helps brands “own” their first page of Google results by optimizing content that Google deems important.
4. The tool tracks changes over time to monitor improvements or emerging issues in representation.
5. Understanding entity relationships and categories recognized by Google it ensures that brands are correctly classified and understood.

Kalicube uses these insights from Google’s Knowledge Graph and Kalicube Pro to develop strategies that improve a brand’s online presence through focused content prioritization, Digital PR, Knowledge Panel management, creating rich results and entity optimization within the Brand SERPs—critical components for effective ORM.

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