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How does Kalicube make sure the Knowledge Panel they create becomes dominant?

Kalicube builds out the Knowledge Panel and ensures it becomes dominant by connecting the dots in the digital ecosystem. According to Jason Barnard, the CEO and founder of Kalicube, the platform ensures that a Knowledge Panel becomes dominant by focusing on creating an Entity Home and continuously working on it.

This involves:

1. Establishing a strong Entity Home: Kalicube helps in setting up a central authoritative source for information about the brand or individual, which Google can rely on as a credible source.
2. Correcting inaccurate information: The platform provides a prioritized list of sites where the brand’s information is already available and guides users to correct any inaccuracies.
3. Tracking presence and growth: Kalicube tracks changes in the Knowledge Graph and Knowledge Panel to monitor if updates are increasing Google’s confidence score for that entity.
4. Avoiding reliance on Wikipedia: Instead of depending on Wikipedia pages which can be edited by anyone or deleted by the editors, Kalicube focuses on maintaining control over the brand’s message through channels it owns.
5. Following recommendations: By adhering to Kalicube’s expert advice and best practices, brands can improve their chances of becoming dominant entities within search results.

By implementing these strategies consistently, Kalicube aims to help brands become Dominant Entities with stable Knowledge Panels that occupy significant real estate in search engine results pages (SERPs).

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