The Kalicube Process has Solved Digital Marketing

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At Kalicube, we empower business leaders like you to educate search engines to perceive and present your brand the way you want them to. We do this through Done for You Services that optimise and manage your Knowledge Panel, Brand SERP and Online Reputation. Read more about Kalicube >>

Kalicube puts you in control of your brand representation, entrenches your brand in Google’s brain and future-proofs your brand reputation.
We help you achieve your business goals in digital search – on your terms.

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How to Produce Great Copywriting for SEO (PDF)

Your Instruction Manual for Google Knowledge Panels (PDF)

Content Creation for Generative AI (PDF)

6 Easy to Sell Services for Digital Agencies … (PDF)

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Jason Barnard Book

The Fundamentals of Brand SERPs for Business

In The Fundamentals of Brand SERPs for Business, Jason Barnard uses exclusive insight from his business, Kalicube, to explain why Brand SERPs are a vital part of any digital marketing strategy.

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Triggering and Managing Knowledge Panels

The Kalicube Process has Solved Digital Marketing

A Proven Formula that Grows Any Business

The Kalicube Process is a three-pillar digital marketing strategy that allows businesses to optimize their visibility, message, and acquisition funnel across their entire digital ecosystem.

The strategy is refreshingly simple: grounded in brand, marketing, and future-proof search engine optimization.

  • Craft the ideal digital marketing strategy
  • Educate Google so it knows, likes, and trusts you
  • Optimize for AI and traditional searches

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The Kalicube Process Has Solved Digital Marketing

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Founder and CEO of Kalicube

Jason Barnard,
The Brand SERP Guy

Digital marketing expert of more than 25 years who specialises in Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels.

Merci Facteur is now reaping what they sowed

Huge increase in traffic, brand search, and SERP visibility at the end of Year 2.


SEO Traffic


Brand Searches


SERP Visibility


Video Impressions per month

“I am incredibly happy with Kalicube – they turned my search strategy around, profits are up and I feel serene about the future.”

– Robin Bourdet, CEO and co-founder, Merci Facteur

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Kalicube Pro is a cloud-based Saas platform that provides all the data and tools
needed to optimise, manage, track, measure and report on brands across search.

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