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What is Kalicube and How We Can Help You

At Kalicube, we empower business leaders like you to educate search engines to perceive and present your brand the way you want them to. We do this through Done for You Services that optimise and manage your Knowledge Panel, Brand SERP and Online Reputation. Read more about Kalicube >>

Kalicube puts you in control of your brand representation, entrenches your brand in Google’s brain and future-proofs your brand reputation.
We help you achieve your business goals in digital search – on your terms.

Why Business Leaders Love
Kalicube’s Done for You Services

Imagine what you can achieve in just two years with your
optimised Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel.

Scott Duffy

Exceptional Results

I am competing with other people that have the same name and very visible online presences. My Knowledge Panel does not appear in the Brand SERPs under my own name, but Kalicube has managed to get Google to give me preference over others…

Brdet Robin

Long-term results

A long-term relationship with Jason has brought us solid, long-term results. Jason and the Kalicube team have a vision of SEO that differs from traditional approaches which is much more effective since it is holistic. The Kalicube Team has a very detailed knowledge of Google and they share that knowledge – teaching us what we need to know to be autonomous. We are delighted with this collaboration.

Alex Sanfilippo

Google knows me now,
that’s what I wanted!

Most of us feel the same way; talking to Google is like talking to an alien. Thankfully, the Kalicube team is the perfect translator! They’ve made every step of the process for me simple, and the best part is that I GOT RESULTS!!! Exceeded all expectations.

The Success of Our Clients

Merci Facteur is now reaping what they sowed

Huge increase in traffic, brand search, and SERP visibility at the end of Year 2.


SEO Traffic


Brand Searches


SERP Visibility


Video Impressions per month

“I am incredibly happy with Kalicube – they turned my search strategy around, profits are up and I feel serene about the future.”

– Robin Bourdet, CEO and co-founder, Merci Facteur

Build your digital business card

“Google is key to managing the online presence of your business. Think of the Google search results for your brand name as a digital business card – the single most important online representation of your brand message.

…Google reflects the world’s opinion of your brand, so learning how to tailor your Brand SERP elevates brand credibility, audience engagement and overall success. Other brands are leaving their online reputation to chance, now’s the time to make your Brand SERP “sexy” and surpass the competition.“

What Are You Looking For?

Are you looking for something where we do most of the work for you,
or are you looking for an action plan that you then execute?

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Where Our Data and Insights Come From

Kalicube Pro is a cloud-based Saas platform that provides all the data and tools
needed to optimise, manage, track, measure and report on brands across search.

The Data Behind Kalicube Pro SaaS

Kalicube Pro is data-driven and we have 8 years of millions of data points every day.

Brands Tracked

Knowledge Panels


Your brand is not what you say it is,
it’s what Google says it is.

You can shell out more than $10,000 by paying for a Wikipedia article or buying links from major publications, but there’s no guarantee your article will stay on the site, and it can easily be removed by the third-party editor.

You are throwing away your precious money on a chance.