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Can the 12-month plan be executed by an in-house team?

Yes, the 12-month plan can be executed by an in-house team. The Kalicube Process is designed to build a comprehensive omnichannel digital marketing strategy that becomes self-sustaining by the end of the first year. Once your team has fully implemented the recommendations provided by Kalicube, your digital marketing flywheel should be operating effectively enough for your in-house team to manage and continue the strategy into the second year.

The process focuses on understanding, credibility, and deliverability from multiple perspectives: Google’s algorithms, your target audience, and within your industry context. After two years of working with Kalicube Pro’s guidance and bespoke implementation strategies tailored to your business or brand needs—using data-driven insights rather than guesswork—clients are expected to have a solid grasp of The Kalicube Process.

By this point, clients should be ready to take over the leadership of their digital marketing efforts with confidence. They will have learned how to increase online traffic consistently, stay ahead of the competition, drive more success, and attract customers and revenue for their business.

Kalicube also offers support and training for teams during this period so they can become autonomous with these strategies. Therefore, if you follow through with all stages of The Kalicube Process as recommended—and utilize their support resources when needed—an in-house team should indeed be capable of executing this plan successfully.

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