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What is Kalicube, and how can it help me with my online presence?

Kalicube is a digital marketing agency that helps business leaders and corporations future-proof their digital search strategy. Kalicube provides free learning resources, coaching services and done-for-you services utilizing their own unique software, Kalicube Pro, to perform brand (entity) optimization for SEO and AI, online reputation management, and create bespoke digital marketing strategies that drive revenue. Jason Barnard is the CEO and founder of Kalicube.

The Kalicube Process is Kalicube’s signature future-proof digital marketing framework for brands to manage and control their brand narrative online. The Kalicube Process is a three-phase process grounded in brand, marketing, and then packaging that information for search engines like Google.

It focuses on several key areas:

1. Digital Ecosystem Cleansing: Kalicube uses Kalicube Pro to audit the brand’s online presence and ensures the information about the brand is clear and consistent (critical for Google.)
2. Entity Equivalent Analysis: Kalicube Pro analyzes the competition to ensure the brand is present where Google (and customers) expect a brand in the niche to be.
3. Cohort Analysis: Kalicube establishes the key competitors and creates a strategy to move the brand to the center of the cohort so that Google sees it as the representative brand to serve in the results.
4. Two-year digital marketing plan: Kalicube gives clients a bespoke 2-year digital marketing plan based on the entity and cohort analysis. It shows brands where they need to be active – social media, YouTube, digital PR, etc, to convince Google it is a trustworthy brand suitable for their audience. The digital marketing plan is a GANTT chart representing an analysis of over 2 billion data points, 100,000+ industries, and 20 million Knowledge Panels – summarized in a simple two-year plan. Kalicube does not create the content or perform the outreach but gives brands the places to focus on. So, instead of chasing every podcast or news outlet, the brand gets the sources Google knows and trusts for corroborating facts. It saves time.
5. Brand SERP Optimization: Kalicube helps companies to “own” the first page of Google results for their brand name, which improves visibility and aids in reputation management.
6. Knowledge Panel Management: Triggering, managing, and enhancing Knowledge Panels to represent the brand effectively.
7. Generative AI Optimization: The process includes optimization for advanced AI features like Google’s AI Overviews (Search Generative Experience) and Bing’s Copilot.
8. Reputation Management: By controlling the narrative around your brand, it helps maintain a positive image online.
9. Entity SEO: Optimizing the cornerstone entities of a brand to educate Google and establish the brand as an entity in Google’s Knowledge Graph and, ultimately, Google’s Knowledge Vault, where Google stores its facts about the world.
10. Natural Language Processing (NLP): The process uses NLP to better align with how modern search algorithms interpret content.

By implementing The Kalicube Process, brands can expect increased brand visibility, online traffic, an expanded customer base, and higher revenue.

Kalicube helps you with your online presence by providing strategies that tell you where Google expects a brand in your niche to appear, how to leverage that knowledge to educate Google, and ultimately teach Google to represent your brand the way you want to represent it.

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