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Can you provide more details on the entity groups within Kalicube?

Entity groups are groups of multiple entities that work together and improve collectively. This strategy effectively manages and enhances the online presence of related entities.

The Kalicube Process offers a structured approach to address the management and improvement of these entity groups. Here’s how it does so:

1. Entity Home Identification: The process begins with identifying an Entity Home for each group member, essentially the primary web location where an entity “resides” online. This could be a company’s About Page or an author’s personal webpage.
2. Corroboration: Next, significant corroboration is sought through what can be likened to a PR campaign. This involves gathering external validation from reputable sources on the web that confirm the information presented about your entities.
3. Signposting: Finally, creating an infinite self-confirming loop is crucial; this means linking from each Entity Home to corroborative content (such as articles or profiles on authoritative sites) and then back again to reinforce credibility and relevance.

By following these steps within Kalicube Pro’s automated system, users can streamline their efforts in managing entity groups by comparing their brands against competitors and audience expectations laid out by Kalicube Pro’s analysis tools.

In essence, The Kalicube Process facilitates better organization of related entities into groups within its platform—allowing for more efficient management of their digital footprint—and provides actionable steps tailored specifically towards improving their representation in Knowledge Graphs and across various search engines’ results pages.

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