Brand SERP Layout

What Does a Typical Brand SERP Look Like?

Generally speaking, on a well-balanced, optimised Brand SERP you can expect seven Blue Links, three Rich Elements, and a Knowledge Panel on the right-hand side.

Obviously this varies enormously. The exact anatomy of a Brand SERP, and the content itself will depend on your digital marketing strategy, how much work you have put into optimising, tendencies within your industry and your geo region… and a few other factors.

Importantly, by working actively to optimise your Brand SERP, you can greatly influence the anatomy and the content.

Composition of a Brand SERP Layout

Illustrated Example of a Knowledge Panel in Brand SERP

About 50% of brands have a Knowledge Panel. And by Knowledge Panel, I don’t mean Google My Business. That’s a business listing. A Knowledge Panel is Google’s factual understanding of who you are, what you do, and who your audience is.

And if it can understand who you are, what you do, and who your audience is, you’re in a better position to be recommended by Google to its users, the subset of its users that are your audience. And that is the aim of the SEO game.

Important Reminder!

Remember that your Brand SERP should always be accurate, positive, and convincing.

Accurate: you want people to see information about you that is correct, complete, and up to date.
Positive: you want people to have a good first impression of you right off the bat.
Convincing: you want to look like a brand that people will want to do business with.

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