Live Video is a Great Way to Force Yourself to Start Producing Content

Kalicube Tuesdays with Ian Anderson Gray and Jason Barnard 22 February 2022 at 17 H CEST (Paris)

In this clip, Ian Anderson Gray talks to Jason Barnard about how he uses live videos to remove the barrier of perfectionism that can cause his content creation process to stall. By going live and accepting the imperfections allows him to kick start the process and create valuable content that others will appreciate. Watch now.

00:00 Perfectionism in live video
00:29 Producing valuable contents
00:32 Seeing real character in live video
00:53 Repurposing pieces of content

Transcript from: Live Video is a Great Way to Force Yourself to Start Producing Content

Ian Anderson: …months of procrastination and beating myself up and trying to make them perfect. And so when live video came about, I found that it was the perfect antidote to recovering perfectionists, such as me and many other people, because live video is never going to be perfect. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve stumbled over my words. This is not… what you’re seeing now is not perfection. Absolutely not, but what you’re getting is hopefully valuable content, but you’re also seeing the real us. You’re seeing the flawed characters that we are and people love that. But it also means that, of course you prepare beforehand, you know vaguely what you’re gonna be talking about, but then you go live and you’re creating that content. You’re not having to re-edit it loads of times you’re turning up, your doing it, and at the end of it, you can then repurpose that into lots of other pieces of content. So I’m telling you about…

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