Who is Your Brand SERP Important to?

Your Brand SERP is vital to you and your business, of course. It is your “Google Business Card“: what your audience sees when they search your company online. But it is also a reflection of Google’s opinion of you. So your Brand SERP actually serves three incredibly important audiences: your audience, Google and you.

The Three Brand SERP Audiences

1) Your Brand SERP is Important to Your audience

Clients, Prospects, Investors, Partners… all of these people are incredibly important to your business. All of them will google your brand name at some point in their journey in doing business with you…

When you’re building brand awareness, when you’re creating amazing content, when you sponsor events… in short with any online activity you make, you’re pushing your brand name front and center in people’s minds. These people googling your brand namùe are your audience, your bottom of funnel and post funnel audience. They know who you are, and they want to do business with you.

What’s the next step?
They search for your brand name. They google your brand name.

What do they see?
Your Google Business Card.

Whether you are a company, a person, a podcast, a music group, a music album, an event- is phenomenally important and totally underestimated, and under regarded.

2) Your Brand SERP is Important to Google

What you see on your Brand SERP is what Google thinks is helpful, valuable, and interesting for your audience. That is a reflection of what it perceives to be important about your content and your business. It’s trying to reflect your business as accurately and as helpfully to your audience as possible because the people searching your brand name or your personal name on Google are Google’s users…

That means, your Brand SERP is a reflection of Google’s opinion of you. And, if you are investing any resources into SEO, Google’s opinion of you is what will make or break that SEO strategy.

3) Your Brand SERP is Important to You

Your Brand SERP is an incredibly helpful and valuable window into your brand’s digital ecosystem. It is a reflection of what is good about your digital strategy. And, of course, the aspects that are less good.

For example, if you are investing in video content, and Google doesn’t include videos on your Brand SERP, then you are investing unwisely. If you have great service reviews for your company but they don’t show on your Brand SERP, then you need to recalibrate that part of your online marketing strategy. That’s just two example, but you get the idea: your Brand SERP contains the content that is relevant, helpful and valuable to your audience. It is a critique of your overall digital strategy.

If you know SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you’ll know that E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) is one of the most important signals for Google. Your E-A-T is mirrored in your Brand SERP. If your Brand SERP looks unconvincing, you probably need to improve your E-A-T if you want your wider SEO efforts to succeed.

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