The Ultimate Guide to Google’s Knowledge Graph Algorithm Updates

Dive deep into the world of Google’s Knowledge Graph. Discover the significant impacts these updates have on search results and the visibility of Knowledge Panels. Learn how entities can suddenly emerge or vanish from the Knowledge Graph, and explore how confidence scores can dramatically shift overnight.

July 2023

Google Killer Whale Update 2023 Kalicube News and Events

Killer Whale Update

Knowledge Graph update focused on Person entities and subtitles for people

Summer 2019

Budapest Update

Knowledge Graph Algorithm Update

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This article provides you with the important things you need to know about the Google Knowledge Graph including its definition, algorithm updates and on how to use it to leverage your SEO strategies as well as present your brand positively, accurately, and persuasively in Google SERP. Google’s Knowledge Graph is Google’s machine-readable encyclopedia that stores the “facts” the search engine understands about the world.

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