Controlling the Contents of a Knowledge Panel

How do you manage a Knowledge Panel?

How do You Manage a Knowledge Panel?

Knowledge panel management is the process of influencing and optimizing the contents of the Knowledge Panel that appears in the right rail on desktop on a Brand SERP.

Since Knowledge Panels are triggered by Google’s Knowledge Graph, but contains content from both the Knowledge Graph and information drawn from the search results on the left hand side, managing them requires a two pronged approach: optimising the entity itself using strategies based on the Entity Home, and pushing relevant content up the rankings in the traditional blue links using SEO strategies.

Knowledge Nugget: In order to influence the contents of a Knowledge Panel effectively, the Entity Home is the single most powerful tool at your disposal.

See below for top tips!

Top Tips:

  • Claim the Knowledge Panel, then you will be able to ask Google to update some information.
  • Submit suggested changes using the “feedback” link under the knowledge panel.
  • Provide clear information on the “About” page on the official website (Entity Home).
  • Link all profile pages back to the Entity Home.
  • Link out to all the corroborative sources (profiles, articles about..) from the Entity Home.
  • Create consistent information on different authoritative sources.
  • Always name the entity explicitly.
  • Use the same half a dozen images for the entity consistently across the web (and if it is a person, include a clear face view, if it is a company, the logo will be the first choice, so simply use that consistently).
  • Use a Knowledge Panel Management SEO technology such as Kalicube Pro to find the most authoritative sources for a knowledge panel and track changes.

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