Your Brand Message on Google – Done For You Services

Kalicube proactively looks after your brand message on Google. Jason Barnard has been optimising Brand SERPs and triggering / managing Knowledge Panels for over 10 years. Entrust your brand presence on Google to Jason and the Kalicube team. We will take the weight off your shoulders, leverage Kalicube Pro SaaS to maximum effect and make your “Google Business Card” a stunning representation of you!

Contracts are on a prepaid monthly subscription basis with a one year commitment

Kalicube is unique:
We are the only company with a platform that can manage Knowledge Panels and optimise Brand SERPs (even Knowledge Panel Cards and Filter Pills)

Our success rate for triggering and changing information in Knowledge Panels for clients as an agency using our own platform is well over 80%. An additional 15% is almost certainly now a question of “when” rather than “if”.

Within the Kalicube Team we all aim for 95% perfection in our work. As an Agency, we strive for 95% success rate.

Done-for-you services at Kalicube are on a yearly subscription basis:

Subscription for Knowledge Panel management (12 month commitment)*:

  1. 2,000$  / month for a Company (or equivalent)
  2. 1,000$ / month for a Person (or equivalent)

Subscription system for Brand SERP optimisation (12 month commitment)*:

  1. 2,000$  / month for a Company (or equivalent)
  2. 1,000$ / month for a Person (or equivalent)

Included in Kalicube’s done-for-you service:

The Kalicube team is hugely supportive and we do everything we can to make your life easier:
We change / update what we can for you, we add information and edit content where we can, and you get regular reports with a list of simple tasks you will need to implement (with clear, simple explanations and one on one support calls if you want them).

The Kalicube team members are also very knowledgeable abut what makes Google tick, and they have thousands of millions of data points at their fingertips that allow them to immediately understand what will work for you.

All of this will “package your brand message for Google” and make it super-Google-friendly, which will bring immense improvements improvements your Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel (which in turn will impress your audience with Google’s “stamp of approval” on your Brand).

*Important – firestorms, dealing with bad press and Online Reputation problems are not included in the pricing. Any negative Brand SERP or Knowledge Panel ORM problem that arises during the course of the services would be subject to a separate agreement.

When you take both services together, we look after the Left Rail as well as the Right Rail – so it becomes an entire Google Branding and digital marketing strategy since we will advise you about social media, content for your site, FAQ, reviews, opportunities for press, video strategy and much more… this is what we have done for all the entities at Kalicube: the company, the SaaS, Kalicube Tuesdays, the podcast, Jason, the Academy, Jason’s book… and we recently hit “tipping point” for our Brand SERPs where everything falls beautifully into place (watch this video).

This is also what we do with Jason Barnard and Jason Hennessey (case study is here).

Jason Hennessey Knowledge Panel by Kalicube

If needed, we can create, manage and host a one page website as entity Home where needed as part of this pricing. You will have edit access and could add and edit pages through a very simple interface (like WordPress but way simpler).

We can offer you these additional options

One on One Consultancy

Although we include a lot of advice and reference articles and videos for the work we suggest for your Brand SERP over the year, additional one on one consultation on all things SEO and digital marketing is an option where Jason will listen to your problems and provide solutions that you and your team will be able to implement yourself. The video consultancies are 1 hour one on one, video recorded (we send you the video so you focus on problems and solutions during the session, rather than taking notes. One session is usually enough to give you work for 2 months. 440$ / hour.

Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel Courses

If you prefer DIY, the Knowledge Panel and Brand SERP courses on the Kalicube Academy. The academy offers you over 11 hours of video, additional resources, quizzes and certification. The courses will teach you everything you need to know for Knowledge Panels and Brand SERPs… The Academy is designed for people who want to understand the ins and outs and work on multiple Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels.

If You Are Interested in Engaging Kalicube to Help You With Perfecting Your Brand Message on Google

Please DO contact us;