The Role of Social Media and Brand Strategies and Their Impact on SEO

Social Media Brand Strategy and How it Affects SEO with Jason Barnard Hosted by David Baine 15 February 2022

In this clip from Rank Ranger’s podcast, Jason Barnard talks to David Bain about the role of social media in brand strategy (especially Twitter) and how both affect SEO. He points out that Google has always crawled all these different resources (media sites, YouTube, video sites, websites), but is only now starting to be able to bring them together effectively. Watch now.

00:00 Branded search and SEO work together
00:26 Google crawling different resources
00:38 Google is not capable of bringing all in a single block
00:52 Recent technology advances your brand

Transcript from: The Role of Social Media and Brand Strategies and Their Impact on SEO

David Bain: … and branded search are the things you couldn’t measure and SEO brought the free traffic, but nowadays both can do so much more if they work together. And today we’re going to be taking a look at the role of social media in brand strategy, and how that impacts SEO. Joining me to discuss that is Jason Barnard. Jason? Why is everything so intertwined nowadays.

Jason Barnard: Thanks for having me on, David. Well, I think it always was. Google was always crawling all of these different resources be they social media, media sites, YouTube, video sites, and your own site obviously …and your competitors’ sites, but it wasn’t really capable of bringing it all together into one single block that it could understand and exploit in terms of how it represents your brand and how it represents your brand in SEO more widely. And the recent technology advances they’ve made have made that much simpler and much more effective for them.

David Bain: so Jason, you’re certainly involved in many different areas of SEO and digital marketing. How would you…

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