What Is the Difference between Brand SERP and SEO?

What Is the Difference between Brand SERP and SEO?

How to Optimize Your Brand’s Search Results? | The Brand SERP Guy, Jason Barnard Hosted by Nishant Garg from WhatMarketWants

In this clip, Jason Barnard defines the term Brand SERP and explains how it differs from SEO. He says that it is your Google Business Card and explains why you, as a business or individual, should be optimising yours (with simple SEO techniques). Watch now.

00:00 Brand SERP is a subset of SEO
00:18 Meaning of Brand SERP
00:33 Users see it as Google Business Card
00:41 Brand SERPs and SEO techniques

Transcript from: What Is the Difference between Brand SERP and SEO?

Jason Barnard : … pages to their intent, what they’re looking for. So it’s really becoming an Answer Engine rather than just a Search Engine.

Nishant Garg : So Brand SERPs vs SEO. What is the difference?

Jason Barnard: Brand SERP is a subset of SEO. Brand SERPs is Brand (Search Engine Results Page). It’s what your audience sees when they google your brand name. That’s the only thing I focus on that one result, which is when somebody types in my company name Kalicube or my name, Jason Barnard. What do they see? It’s my Google Business Card. So, Brand SERPs is a subset of SEO where I use SEO techniques just to make the company or the person or the podcast or the music group look great when their audience searches their brand name.

Nishant Garg: So Jason, why should companies focus on Brand SERPs?

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