How to Ensure Google Knows Which Twitter Account is Yours

How to Ensure Google Knows Which Twitter Account is Yours

Social Media Brand Strategy and How it Affects SEO with Jason Barnard Hosted by David Baine 15 February 2022

In this clip from Rank Ranger’s podcast, Jason Barnard talks to David Bain about how you can educate Google so it understands which Twitter account (and other social media accounts) is yours simply by intelligent linking. The bonus is that this helps build your Brand SERP and your Knowledge Panel. David Bain calls this the “Eternal circle of confidence”. Watch the full episode to find out more.

00:00 Using Twitter to get audience engaged
00:25 Linking website to social media platforms
01:02 Interconnected web of relationships
01:25 The eternal circle of confidence

Transcript from: How to Ensure Google Knows Which Twitter Account is Yours

Jason Barnard: … By our original tweeting with media, get your audience engaged and you’ve won the Twitter game at least.

David Bain: So how do you deliver confidence to Google that you on Twitter is definitely the same as you on your website? Is it as simple as linking to your various social networks from your website?

Jason Barnard: You need to … you need to link from your website to the social media platforms and then back to the same page where you have the link going out and coming back so that Google gets that two-way confirmation. But then you can also go to all your profile pages. If you’re an author, for example, you could go to MuckRack or Search Engine Land, in my case, Search Engine Journal… make sure they link to your Twitter profile, make sure they link back to your site, and that your site links to them and to Twitter. And that gives Google this circular kind of eternal circle of links that it’s just going round and round and round and round and round. And it’s seeing that all of this is interconnected because what Google is looking for is that interconnected web of relationships that confirms who you are, which are your social media platforms or your social media accounts, and which are your profiles… and that helps to drive its understanding about who you are, what you do, who your audience is, and that will help it build your Brand SERP the way you want that Brand SERP to be built.

David Bain: Eternal circle of confidence, really as well as links is that fair enough?

Jason Barnard: I like that. That’s brilliant David, you should be on my side. I should be on your side.

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