Kalicube Academy – Brand SERP Courses by Jason Barnard

The Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel courses in the Kalicube Academy are intermediate level for Brand SERP aficionados. Whether or not you have SEO experience,…. if you have even just a little experience with Brand SERPs, then the Academy will take you to the next level. The courses are totally unique. Nobody else offers anything even close. If you are interested in actively and proactively managing and optimising Brand SERP and managing your Knowledge Panel, and you are truly sold on the idea of delving deeper into the world of Brand SERPs, then joining the Kalicube Academy will be a no-brainer for you! 

I got some help from less experienced SEOs to ensure the courses make sense to every level from marketers just starting out on the Internet to SEOs with years of experience. I’m incredibly proud of the courses because we manage to strike a neat balance of being accessible to a wide audience of generalist digital marketers whilst also bringing value to experienced SEOs – Brand SERPs is such a niche in the SEO industry so many techniques and strategies are new and innovative, even for experienced SEOs like Dave Davis and Mordy Oberstein.  

And John Mueller from Google has been incredibly positive and supportive of my work on Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels as you can see from these Tweets. He also says that brands should put much more focus on “Pull” search queries. Pull queries is Google-speak for search queries that contain a brand name. Obviously, Brand SERPs are right at the heart of the pull-search approach that John Mueller and Google actively recommend.

One last point here is that the courses are a great learning resource for Public Relations and Online Reputation Management experts. The courses bring a new approach to both professions. At their core, both professions are fundamentally about Brand SERPs, and the accessible SEO techniques I use to improve Brand SERPs will solve most PR and ORM problems.

In the Kalicube Academy courses, you’ll find everything you’ll need for your personal or company Brand SERP, from optimising your homepage to Rich Sitelinks, video strategies, content creation, copywriting, social media, PR outreach, Google Ads, removing negative results, making the most of customer reviews, getting and managing a Knowledge Panel…  and much, much more! 

In short, the Kalicube Academy provides you with the tips, tricks and strategies you’ll need to optimise your Brand SERP and manage your Knowledge Panel … and leverage that work to drive an efficient, effective, and ultimately successful digital strategy by “building from the Brand SERP outwards”.

You can search “Kalicube Academy” or “Brand SERP Courses” on Google or visit kalicube.academy to find out more about that.

You’re welcome to contact us by email or on social media if you have any questions or want to enrol directly.

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