Why Google Rendering Is a Simple Transactional Process by Martin Splitt

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Practical Rendering SEO Explained October 7, 2021

Martin Splitt is a certified Developer Advocate with the Google Search Relations team in Zurich, Switzerland. In this video interview with Jason Barnard, he explains the steps involved in Google’s rendering process.

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The second queue is very opaque in the sense that you don’t really see how long it takes us to render. When we render, you don’t know, and that’s not accidentally so because theoretically, we see this all as a transactional process. There’s the URL that we discover and the output of that either an indexed document or a non indexed document. . That’s pretty much what can happen here.

And there’s not that much that you can do about rendering really in terms of changing the queue position or doing much in terms of figuring out what is rendered and what should be rendered. You see that in search console as well.

You see what comes out of rendering. If you look at “View crawled page,” you see what we would see there. So there is an additional queue that you skipped over, and there is a few more complications where the simplified model might not necessarily apply, but you can assume that the flow normally is discovering, crawling, queuing, rendering, indexing, and then potentially ranking later.

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