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Practical Rendering SEO Explained October 7, 2021

Martin Splitt is a certified Developer Advocate with the Google Search Relations team in Zurich, Switzerland. In this video interview with Jason Barnard, he talks about how optimizing website rendering can benefit your overall SEO strategy.

00:00 Martin Splitt
00:17 Rendering is an asynchronous process
00:26 Rendering (example)


You’re saying like, optimize, make it easier for Google. What’s the “reward” that Google gives us? Is it simply that it’s faster for you, therefore you can do more in the same time?

Not really because rendering happens outside. Basically, it’s asynchronous. So that means that it’s not that we wait until rendering happens and then we process. We basically try to do as much in parallel as we can. For instance, the structured data is there in the initial HTML, we might pick it up right after crawling, while rendering is happening, so you get marginal advantages there.

You might actually get bigger advantages there. So if you have a situation where content changes constantly, then making that available as early as possible in the process (is better)… and the same goes for canonicals or titles, meta descriptions, structured data as early as possible is good for you in terms of us picking it up more frequently or quicker.

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