Getting a PAA Result on Brand SERP

Getting a PAA spot on Brand SERP.

How Do I Dominate People Also Ask on my Brand SERP?

People Also Ask appears on well over half of all Brand SERPs. They are often questions specifically about the brand, but often contain more general topical questions for which Google believes the brand is relevant.

For both Brand-specific and more general questions in PAA on a Brand SERP, the single most important thing is to provide a clear, accurate, and well-focused answer to these specific questions on the brand’s website. Simple.

And yet less than 10% of brands even appear in the PAA on their own Brand SERP.

If your website doesn’t dominate the PAA on your own Brand SERP, then you are simply not answering these fundamental relevant questions, or if you are, the format isn’t appropriate.

On your website, you need to provide the answers to those questions in a format that’s easy for Google to digest and deliver to its users on your Brand SERP.

Make a list of these specific questions that appear on your Brand SERP, then write clear, simple, and accurate answers and put them in an optimized FAQ section on your website.

Here is an article that briefly explains How To Structure an FAQ Section. Also, don’t forget to check out this course that digs deep into Optimizing for People Also Ask at the Kalicube Academy.

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