How to Turn Video Content Into Profit (Video Content and 6 Levers of Profitability)

How to Turn Video Content Into Profit (Video Content and 6 Levers of Profitability)

Video content is a cornerstone of effective branding and marketing strategies because it conveys messages in a more relatable and engaging manner. Platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram mean video content is ripe for monetization. But how exactly can you transform your video content into a revenue-generating machine?

Luis D. Camejo, founder of Studio Podcast Suites, shared how to turn video content into profitable assets and the six levers of profitability in his conversation on Kalicube Tuesday’s episode with Jason Barnard.

The guide will help you turn video content into profit, whether you’re new to the world of online video content creation or just want to improve your existing content.

What Are the Key Principles for Turning Video Content Into Profit?

Understanding the Sales Journey

The sales cycle is long and complex, especially for high-ticket items. Video content is a sales enablement asset that helps potential customers through the stages of awareness, consideration, and decision-making.

Video content is pieces of online real estate. Video content nurtures leads through the sales funnel just like a salesperson builds trust with a potential client over time. They move viewers from problem-aware (knowing they have a problem) to solution-aware (familiar with potential solutions) and ultimately to trusting you as the answer.

Building Authority, Relevancy, and Trust (ART)

Consistently producing video content will help you establish Authority, build Relevancy, and foster Trust with your audience. As viewers consume your content, they become more familiar with your brand, which contributes to building rapport and ultimately leads to conversions.

Consistency and Leverage

Be consistent with video content creation and find ways to leverage your time and resources effectively, including using videos in sales pipelines and outreach efforts.

Consistency in content creation is vital to maximizing the return on the time and resources invested in video production. Whether through social media, YouTube, or podcasts, each piece of content is a step on the customer’s journey to trust your brand. 

Ever tried doing a Facebook live straight for 45 days? Yes, he did that! After careful planning and study, Luis was able to trigger consistency. 

How Do You Measure the Success of Video Content?

To measure the success of video content, follow the steps below.

1. Analyze Data Over Time. Review metrics such as views, clicks, and conversions over an extended period to gauge your content’s growth and effectiveness.

2. Get Direct Feedback and Conduct Surveys. Ask your audience how they discovered your content and if they’ve engaged with it to obtain qualitative insights into your content’s reach.

“Are people enjoying the content?” “Are they actively engaging with it?” These are important questions because a percentage of engaged viewers will likely move on to the next phase, prompting a valuable conversation. 

3. Track Conversions. Use conversion tracking to understand how your video content directly influences sales or other desired actions. 

What are the 6 Levers of Profitability?

The six levers of profitability outlined by Luis Camejo are listed below. 

  1. What to Say (W.T.S.): This refers to the message you want to convey. The message is platform-specific. YouTube video content provides entertainment or an in-depth value through informative content.
  2. Creation: This involves the actual filming process. It could be a high-production studio setup or a simple phone recording. 
  3. Production: You transform the raw footage into a polished final product, like a YouTube video or a podcast episode. This involves several elements to complete the process.

Note: People encounter challenges in the first three phases of content creation. But you don’t need to freak out. Once you’ve mastered the ‘What to Say’ (WTS), followed by the creation process, and successfully minimized friction during content production, you’ll find yourself liberated to focus on optimizing the remaining three phases.

  1. Distribution: Getting your content in front of the right eyes is crucial. You need to ask yourself or your team, “How do we ensure that our finished product reaches the right audience?” Many overlook this crucial step after investing time in research and creation. 

    More than simply publishing is required; you need to promote your content actively through effective marketing strategies. Depending on the channels and desired speed of reach, this distribution can be organic or paid.
  1. Monetization: Connect your content with your business goals. Determine how your videos will lead viewers towards a sale or conversion.

How is this getting us results for some people? Depends on what you’re selling. If you have a very high ticket item, longer sales cycles, how are we placing the content or distributing the content that we’re producing to help? Or if it’s a low ticket item, how are we helping and guiding people into those funnels?

luis d. cAMEJO, FOUNDER OF Studio Podcast Suites
  1. Management: Efficiently manage the entire process, from brainstorming video ideas to tracking results and refining your strategy.
    You can create a sustainable content machine that consistently delivers value and drives business growth by mastering these six areas.

Remember: Every piece of content is a step towards the ultimate goal of conversion, whether making a sale or gaining a podcast listener. It’s essential to recognize that not every step can be measured in isolation, but each contributes to moving potential clients closer to a decision. By focusing on the quality and relevance of your content, you can filter out unsuitable clients, ensuring that your efforts are directed toward the most promising leads.

How Can You Optimize Video Content for Branded Search?

You can optimize video content for branded search by doing the things listed below. 

Brand Presence in Videos

Incorporate your brand elements, such as logos and slogans, into your videos to reinforce brand recognition and drive branded searches. Videos increase the time spent by visitors on your site, signaling to search engines that your site has good content. 

Google often prioritizes video content in search results, which means that creating quality video content can improve your brand’s search ranking.

The number of searches that Google sees with a brand name in it is vitally important to Google’s perception of the importance of that brand to the audience that it can potentially reach.

Jason Barnard, CEO and founder of Kalicube

Consistency Across Platforms

Promote your video content across multiple platforms to reach a broader audience and maximize exposure. Share teasers, clips, or highlights of your videos on social media, blogs, newsletters, and other digital channels to drive traffic and engagement across platforms.

Bear in mind that you need to ensure that your brand voice is consistent across all videos, regardless of the platform. This helps reinforce your brand identity and makes it easier for viewers to recognize your content.

Engaging with Your Audience

Engaging with your audience across platforms by responding to comments, messages, and inquiries in a timely and personalized manner is essential. Encourage feedback, questions, and user-generated content to foster community engagement and build brand loyalty. You can incorporate audience feedback and insights into your content strategy to create more relevant and engaging video content.

TIP: Use polls, surveys, or direct questions in your videos to gather insights into what content resonates most with your audience. 

Remember: The relevance of video content in today’s digital marketing cannot be overstated. Its ability to tell a story, demonstrate a product’s use, or simply entertain positions it as a key player in a brand’s strategy to enhance online visibility, engage with a wider audience, and ultimately drive profitability.

At Kalicube, we specialize in making brands omnipresent online through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy with SEO baked in. We position brands to stand where the audience is looking for a solution to a problem, ensuring they encounter the most relevant, informative, and favorable content about your brand – and, most importantly – buy.

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