LinkedIn for Personal and Company Brand SERPs

LinkedIn for Personal and Company Brand SERPs

Creating Successful Content Strategy for LinkedIn (Understanding Prominence vs Presence) with Purna Virji 18 January 2022 at 17 H CEST (Paris)

In this clip, Jason Barnard tells Purna Virji why, in Brand SERP world, Linkedin should be everyone’s new best friend. This is especially the case in B2B, as LinkedIn heavily dominates Brand SERPs.

00:00 Ranking on Google
00:33 LinkedIn dominates Brand SERPs
00:44 LinkedIn is your new best friend

Transcript from: LinkedIn for Personal and Company Brand SERPs

So the content is fun. It’s informative, and it’s incredibly powerful.

I come from an SEO world where I thought ranking on Google is the only thing that mattered. And I’m now a point when I actually don’t do very much SEO anymore directly because I’m so focused on building this content and getting an audience together and communicating.

And that’s partly because I’m talking about Brand SERPS and Knowledge Panels, which doesn’t have a natural audience on Google so much. And LinkedIn has been really helpful for me. But also I talk about LinkedIn a lot because LinkedIn dominates Brand SERPS, especially in B2B, but also personal SERPs. And it’s also incredibly powerful in the knowledge graph and knowledge panels.

So LinkedIn is my new best friend too, hooray!

Yay! We love having besties like you.

Brilliant, wonderful. Today we’re talking about content on LinkedIn in particular and how to make the most of LinkedIn.

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