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Our recommend agencies that effectively use Kalicube strategies/techniques/platforms who can DEFINITELY help you in your Knowledge Panel and Brand SERP optimisation.

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Founder of Holistic SEO & Digital

Holistic SEO

Triggering new People Also Ask (PAA) Questions, Changing the PAA Answers, Triggering a Knowledge Panel, Optimization, and Management of Knowledge Panel, Managing the Google Business Profile (If Exists), Connecting the Definitional and Full-controllable, Semi-controllable, and Uncontrollable information points on the web to define the entity from beginning to change the search engine’s perception of the specific entity, oppressing the negative sentiment on the top-ranking resources for the specific entity, tracking the information of the change on the Kalicube Pro for reporting, and analysis.

And, this service is more valuable than money, it is communicating with the search engine’s brain directly.

AI-powered SEO


Building a Knowledge Graph to teach AIs how to understand your content using natural language processing; automating structured data; organizing web content for crawlers and chatbots; train language models for natural language generation (e-commerce, classified sites and magazines).

Creating unique linked data IDs for your entities, your products and your services.  

Studio Makoto Digital Marketing Agency


Studio Makoto – (in the person of Massimiliano Geraci) can manage the Brand SERP in all its aspects, starting from the Knowledge Panel. We handle both personal and companies brands.

As far as people are concerned, we specialize in artists, writers, academic or independent researchers, physicians, lawyers…

We have also worked with large healthcare organizations.

We can manage podcast distribution platforms and review platforms for your brand and products.

We take care of creating and managing entries on Wikidata, Wikipedia, IMDb, Google Scholar, ORCID.

We take care of creating and managing entries on Wikidata, Wikipedia, IMDb, Google Scholar, ORCID.

Become a Kalicube Agency Partner

What does becoming a partner entail? At Kalicube, we receive many requests for help with Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels from companies and people all over the world. Sometimes we cannot help due to lack of resources (we are a small, agile company :), or because the request is outside our core offering. When that happens we pass the enquiry to partner agencies we know and trust.

If your agency offers services similar to or complementary to Kalicube, and you’d like to join us on this page, please contact us here >>