Knowledge Panel Tipping Point: What You Need to Know

Knowledge Panel Tipping Point

A Knowledge Panel Tipping Point is the moment when a Knowledge Panel first appears on a Brand SERP.

As a professional, a stable and accurate Knowledge Panel establishes your credibility and authority in your industry and builds trust with potential clients by providing them with easily accessible and reliable information about you and your business. And if you want a Knowledge Panel for yourself or your business, Kalicube can show you how.

In this article, you will learn what a Knowledge Panel Tipping Point is, why it is important, and how you can grow a sprout into a blossoming, information-rich ad stable Knowledge Panel on your Brand SERP.

What is a Knowledge Panel Tipping Point?

A Knowledge Panel Tipping Point is the first time Google shows a Knowledge Panel in a Brand SERP (a navigational search for a brand name). It is Google’s way of saying “We think we understand this company, person or thing”.

When you create a Knowledge Panel for yourself or your company, it will start as a Sprout. As Google gets more confident about your brand, you will see it populate your Knowledge Panel with more content. Google will only show your Knowledge Panel on your Brand SERP if it is confident about your brand and has content about your brand that it trusts.

The Knowledge Panel Tipping Point has three ingredients: Confidence, Content and Probability. Probability is the last in the Tipping Point Sequence. Probability means Google thinks users are likely to be looking for your brand.

Knowledge Panel Sprout with entity name
Example of a Knowledge Panel Sprout containing only the name of the entity
Example of a Knowledge Panel Sprout containing only the photo of the entity
Example of a Knowledge Panel Sprout containing only the photo of the entity
Knowledge Panel Sprout
Example of a Knowledge Panel Sprout that is completely empty

How to transform a Knowledge Panel Sprout into a Knowledge Panel.

Knowledge Panel of Jason Hennessey

Jason Hennessey subscribed to Kalicube’s Done for You Knowledge Panel Services in order to have the Kalicube team make his Knowledge Panel incredibly rich with Knowledge Panel Cards, Filter Pills, photos, accurate information about him and more. Read the case study about Jason Hennessey and how to merge case knowledge panels.

You can do this work yourself DIY and you don’t need to pay an agency. It is a lot of work, but you can get a free Google Knowledge Panel DIY with Kalicube’s simple 3-step Process.

Pro Tip:
Kalicube (or a Kalicube Certified Agency) have the tools, the experience and the resources to turn your Sprout into a stunning Knowledge Panel in just a few months.

When Does Google Show a Knowledge Panel for a Person or a Company on a Branded Search?

To display a Knowledge Panel on a Brand SERP, you need to accomplish three things. You must ensure that:

  1. Google is confident in its understanding of you;
  2. Google understands enough facts to create a Knowledge Panel that is helpful to your target audience;
  3. Google sees you as the Dominant Entity. This simply means that Google thinks it is likely that the user will search for you.

All three of these requirements require you to inform and persuade Google. If you think of Google as a child, it’s easy for you to develop a strategy to educate and persuade it.

How to Create a Knowledge Panel for Myself or My Company?

Step 1. The most important step is to build a Knowledge Panel in Google’s “brain”. It might not trigger Knowledge Panel for a search on your name, but steps 2 and 3 are impossible if you don’t complete step 1. The Kalicube Process is the best way to trigger a Knowledge Panel Sprout.

The process consists of 3 simple steps:

Three Simple Steps to Get a Knowledge Panel

  1. Identify the Entity Home
  2. Corroborate and Confirm Information
  3. Create an Infinite Self-Confirming Loop of Corroboration
Kalicube's 3-Step Process to Get a Knowledge Panel
Kalicube’s 3-Step Process to Get a Knowledge Panel

Please read this article that provides more details about Kalicube’s 3-step process for a Knowledge Panel >>

If you want to implement a Knowledge Panel Strategy, download our free 17-point Knowledge Panel checklist >>

Pitfalls and Drawbacks of Knowledge Panel Tipping Points

Our 10 years of experience in triggering thousands of Knowledge Panels on Brand SERPs has shown us dozens of pitfalls. The most common are:

1. The Knowledge Panel Tipping Point is Dangerous

The moment you get the Knowledge Panel, you will feel that “the job is done.” Many people take their eyes off the ball and reduce their efforts. This is a HUGE mistake. The Tipping Point is tricky and dangerous. If you continue to work according to Google’s understanding, you will tip over and your Knowledge Panel will become solid and reliable, and you will be able to build it into a Google-certified, information-rich representation of yourself.

However, if you fail to build on the Tipping Point, the Knowledge Panel will most likely disappear. When that happens, you might think you are back to step 1.


You are back at step -3.

Why? Google thought it understood, and now thinks it misunderstood. To get back to the Tipping Point, you need three times the effort, money, and time it took you to get there in the first place.

Whatever you do, do not miss the Knowledge Panel Tipping Point.

2. Brands lose their Dominance in Google’s brain

It is a tremendous achievement to position your brand as the Dominant Entity. Like everything else, it requires ongoing work to maintain your place as the Dominant Entity. Once you reach the Tipping Point, you must extend and build on your dominance. When you are the undisputed Dominant Entity, you must defend your territory to ensure your competitors do not take your place.

Once again, it’s 3 times harder to regain dominance than it is to gain it in the first place.

Pro Tip:
Kalicube (or a Kalicube Certified Agency) have the tools, the experience and the resources to create a stunning Knowledge Panel for you in just a few months and manage this over time so you benefit from a stable and dominant Knowledge Panel.

How Does the Knowledge Panel Tipping Point Fit into Brand SERP Optimisation and Knowledge Panel Management?

For your clients: a stable, information-rich Knowledge Panel on your Brand SERP is Google’s recognition of your authority within your industry. That is extremely compelling to your audience. You are “Google-certified”, authoritative and credible.

From an SEO perspective: the Knowledge Panel on your Brand SERP also indicates that Google has explicitly (and confidently) understood your entity and can therefore fully apply all the E-E-A-T signals you have cultivated.

From your perspective: a Knowledge Panel on your Brand SERP will tighten the bottom of your acquisition funnel. You are investing time, resources and money to get your name out to your target audience. The ultimate goal is for them to google your name. If that search result is 100% positive, accurate and compelling, you will make more sales. Imagine getting a 5% increase in sales from the same marketing efforts just because you have a Knowledge Panel. That’s what we at Kalicube see with our clients.

At Kalicube, we understand that your brand is not what you say it is,
but what Google says it is. That’s why we developed the Kalicube Process to manage Google’s representation of your brand to your audience, including a solid, reliable and information-rich Knowledge Panel.

Are you a Google Authority?

A Knowledge Panel (information box) on the right side of Google Search results is absolutely essential to your authority on Google and your credibility in the eyes of your target audience.

Without it, you are a “nobody”.

If Google displays a Knowledge Panel every time a search result comes up for your name, then you have established your authority and credibility with Google across the board.

Your audience uses Google because they trust Google. When Google gives you its seal of approval, you take a big step ahead of the competition.

Simple. Powerful.

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Do you want to build your Knowledge Panel using The Kalicube Process? 

Knowledge Panel Checklist
Knowledge Panel Checklist

Free DIY option: download our free Knowledge Panel checklist, where Knowledge Panel expert Jason Barnard reveals how we use the Kalicube Process to trigger and manage Knowledge Panels for our clients.

Kalicube’s Knowledge Panel Checklist Free Download >>

If you need help for getting your Knowledge Panel, Kalicube offers a package consultancy + SaaS deal or a Done-for-You services.

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