Knowledge Panels for Brand Authority   

Establishing a prominent online presence requires more than a strong brand—it demands authority and trust. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through Google Knowledge Panels, which provide a snapshot of key information and serve as a stamp of approval from Google itself. 

Google Knowledge Panels are information boxes that appear in Google search results for searches about entities (people, places, organizations). Google stores facts about entities in its Knowledge Graph. Knowledge Panels provide quick answers to users’ queries by presenting a concise summary of information pulled from the Knowledge Graph and various sources across the web. A Google Knowledge Panel is Google’s understanding of the facts about the entity.

Knowledge Panels are invaluable for brands as they offer immediate visibility and convey trustworthiness at first glance. A well-managed Knowledge Panel is able to display essential details such as a brand’s logo, description, social profiles, official website link, and recent news or updates.

How do Knowledge Panels impact brand authority?

Knowledge Panels impact brand authority as a visual indicator that Google recognizes and understands the brand. This recognition from Google is an endorsement of the brand’s credibility and legitimacy. When users see a Knowledge Panel associated with a brand in search results, it demonstrates Google is confident the brand is established and trustworthy. 

At Kalicube, we consider a Knowledge Panel “Google’s Stamp of Approval” because Google has recognized the entity as notable in its niche and has gathered enough information about the entity from various credible sources online. A brand’s online reputation, visibility, and trustworthiness are greatly enhanced by an accurate and up-to-date Knowledge Panel.

Knowledge Panels aggregate key information about a brand in one place, making it faster for users to get an overview of what the brand does, its history, products or services offered, and other details. The convenience improves user experience and increases engagement with the brand.

What are the key elements of a well-optimized Knowledge Panel?

The key elements of a well-optimized Knowledge Panel are the entity name, images, subtitle, description, attributes,entity statements,social channels, People Also Ask For, Filter Pills and Knowledge Panel Cards.

Examples of a well-optimized Knowledge Panel

As you can see in the image above, Knowledge Panel Cards cover about 25% of the space above the fold. The Knowledge Panel covers about 70% of the space above the fold in this situation. Knowledge Panel Cards are an important development in Google Knowledge Panels since they cover a large amount of SERP Real Estate, and the Knowledge Panel dominates the Brand SERP (the Google result for your name). 

Optimized Knowledge Panels have Filter Pills highlighting different aspects (or facets) of the entity. When the user clicks on a Filter Pill, Google displays results focusing on that aspect of the entity, including movies, TV shows, products, or music.

How do I get a Google Knowledge Panel?

To get a Google Knowledge Panel, follow the three steps in the Kalicube Process that are listed below.

  1. Identify the Entity Home.
  2. Get corroboration from multiple independent and authoritative sources within your industry that confirm the facts you state on the Entity Home.
  3. Create an infinite, self-confirming loop to reinforce and maintain the accuracy of your Knowledge Panel.

What is the Kalicube Process?

The Kalicube Process is a three-stage-complete digital marketing strategy that allows brands to optimize their visibility, message, and acquisition funnel across the entire digital ecosystem. The Kalicube Process is refreshingly simple, straightforward, and grounded in brand, marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). The SEO is future-proof: The Kalicube Process optimizes for Google’s Search Generative Experience and Bing Chat right out of the box.

At Kalicube, we have triggered thousands of Knowledge Panels, and that experience has allowed us to develop a simple process that works for everyone. We call this the Kalicube Process.

Kalicube’s 3-Step Process to Get a Knowledge Panel

Read more about what the Kalicube Process can deliver for your brand >>

What are the wins when you let Kalicube manage your Knowledge Panel?

The wins when you let Kalicube manage your Knowledge Panel are listed below.

Enhanced Brand Authority

The Kalicube Process positions your brand as a representative authority in your niche by ensuring that the information across the digital ecosystem is clear, consistent and that Google is able to corroborate that information using its trusted sources. The corroboration allows Google to gain confidence in the entity and present the corroborated facts in the Knowledge Panel. Clear, consistent, factual, and corroborated information means the Knowledge Panel is accurate and authoritative.

Improved Credibility

A well-managed Knowledge Panel provides potential customers with up-to-date and credible information, significantly improving brand perception.

Increased Visibility

Kalicube helps to clarify your brand’s presence on search results by teaching Google who you are, what you do, and who you serve, making it easier for potential customers to find you.

Competitive Edge

A Knowledge Panel that extends beyond basic details about a brand means the brand stands out from competitors without such rich information available at a glance.

Sales Conversion Optimization

A Knowledge Panel increases sales because of the increased brand trust and authority. A brand search result that is 100% positive, accurate, and compelling increases sales—potentially by 5% or more from the same marketing efforts.

Proactive Brand Protection

The Kalicube Process ensures a brand has an accurate and information-rich Knowledge Panel, which protects the brand from misinformation or confusion among consumers searching for a brand online.

Entrusting Kalicube with Knowledge Panel management leads to gains in credibility, visibility, and authority. Credibility, visibility, and authority contribute to increased bottom-of-funnel acquisition and revenue.

Do you want to build your Knowledge Panel using The Kalicube Process? 

A Knowledge Panel with rich and accurate information is a great asset to your digital strategy, so getting it right is vital for you and your brand..

At Kalicube, we specialize in Brand SERP Optimisation and Knowledge Panel Management, and we offer done-for-you services for business owners, founders, lawyers, doctors, and any other professional with an online presence (so anyone :).

Free DIY option: download our free Knowledge Panel checklist, where Knowledge Panel expert Jason Barnard reveals how we use the Kalicube Process to trigger and manage Knowledge Panels for our clients.

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If you need help getting your Knowledge Panel, Kalicube offers a comprehensive consultancy + SaaS deal using Kalicube Pro. Kalicube Pro contains over one billion data points collected from Google across thousands of industries since 2015. Kalicube Pro creates a bespoke step-by-step strategy to build a Knowledge Panel quickly and without the guesswork.

Kalicube has a Done-for-You service where Kalicube works with brands to build the Knowledge Panel. We tailor your strategy to your business and your resources and work with you at your pace. And give you everything you need to continue enhancing your Knowledge Panel for years.

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