How Can I Get a Knowledge Panel in Google?

Getting a Knowledge Panel in Google

Who Gets a Knowledge Panel in Google?

The good news is that Google does not limit the opportunity to get a Knowledge Panel to celebrities or established companies, because Google has no judgement on notability. You do not need to be notable or popular to get a Knowledge Panel. So, whoever you are, Google needs to learn and understand who you are and what you do from a variety of trusted and authoritative online sources. When you provide facts that help Google understand you better, you get your own Knowledge Panel.

So whether you are trying to get a Knowledge Panel for a company, a musician, an entrepreneur, a writer, a podcast, etc., you can definitely get your own Knowledge Panel.

The next question is: How?

Importantly, it isn’t a question of IF you can get a Knowledge Panel, but how long will it take.

How Anyone Can Get a Knowledge Panel in Google.

Kalicube has a simple 3-step process for you to build Google’s confidence in its understanding about who you are and what you do and influence it to trigger your own Knowledge Panel. 

Kalicube has a simple 3 step process to get a Knowledge Panel in Google. Here is an overview:

  1. Identifying your Entity Home (i.e. the website where you or your named entity has an online presence, such as your website or your official social media page)
  2. Getting significant corroboration from multiple independent and authoritative sources within your industry that confirm the facts about you.
  3. Create an infinite self-confirming loop from these sources leading back to your Entity Home.

More specific explanations:

It is important to note that the Knowledge Panel is fed by Google’s Knowledge Graph. Google’s Knowledge Graph is its understanding of the world. Its understanding of you (company, person, podcast, film…) depends entirely on the information it finds about you on the Internet (your digital footprint). That information needs to be consistent, so if you successfully complete the 3-step process, you will be able to build Google’s understanding, and its confidence which will increase the chances your Knowledge Panel appearing for a search on your name. 

Kalicube Can Help You Get a Google Knowledge Panel and Manage it Effectively

You can have a Knowledge Panel that allows your audience to understand you, your brand, and product/service with one simple search. If you need help with this process, Kalicube offers a package of  Knowledge Panel consultancy + SaaS where Jason Barnard will teach you everything you need to get and manage a Knowledge Panel yourself.

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