PR is About Helping a Journalist to Meet Their Publication Goals

Effective Public Relations Strategies You Should Be Using Right Now According to Joseph J. Sherman 01 February 2022 at 17 H CEST (Paris)

In this clip, Joseph Sherman talks about why imposing your PR message rarely works. Instead, Joseph explains, understanding the journalist’s situation, and helping them reach their goals DOES work. Watch now.

00:00 Journalist looks for specific things
00:10 Imposing things rarely works
00:54 Giving journalist relevant information
01:07 Writing with relevance for publication

Transcript from: PR is About Helping a Journalist to Meet Their Publication Goals

Jason: …a journalist is looking for something specific and imposing things on them is never going to work or very rarely works.

Joseph: That’s right! Imposing things very rarely works. But what does work is seeing what are their goals and how can I meet those goals? For example, maybe a journalist was told by their editor. I need an article about Brand SERP and find me an expert and interview three people.

Oh wow! Big boss said I need to write a great article about Brand SERP. Who’s a good person for that. I know where to go, and let’s say that their article was due yesterday or very soon. Then that person has to very quickly, (in a few days) put together something, make sure it meets all the requirements.

So in that case, you want to put something together and give them a quality and information that’s relevant for first of all their publication… just like you did when I interviewed you. I need something relevant to Israel because The Times of Israel is in Israel. If I’m writing for another publication. Then I need to make sure it’s relevant for that publication.

So that’s just on an institutional level.

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