Kalicube Team Conference 2023

In March 2023, the Kalicube team traded their virtual workspace for the stunning beachfront of BE Resort Mactan in Cebu, Philippines! This exciting three-day team conference wasn’t just about fun in the sun (although there was plenty of that!). It was meticulously crafted to strengthen bonds, celebrate successes, and chart a course for the company’s future. It ensured that everyone was on the same page and built a stronger team.

Kalicube Team Conference 2023 was attended by the courageous, smart and fun Jason Barnard, Katrina Bonete, Joan B. Atizado, Mary Ann Buarao, Maria Victoria Siasat, Jean Marie Laurente, Allyssa Reyes, Kristine Manito, Nell Santos and Bernadeth Brusola.

Day 1: Meet and Greet Dinner

The Kalicube Team Conference 2023 kicked off with a warm meet-and-greet led by Jason Barnard, the company’s CEO and founder, welcoming everyone with open arms and heartfelt hugs. Excitement radiated from everyone’s faces as colleagues, both familiar and new, reconnected. Refreshing drinks fueled the joyful reunion, with stories and laughter echoing throughout the gathering (— it felt as though everyone had known each other for years, even for those meeting for the first time!) The surreal feeling of finally putting faces to names after countless Google Meet sessions was a highlight for many.

A delicious team dinner capped off the night, with everyone enjoying a spread of sumptuous Filipino (or local) cuisine – the perfect way to recharge for the exciting agenda ahead!

Day 2: Kalicube Baby Presentation

The Kalicube team wasted no time on day two, diving headfirst into another strategic planning session. The morning’s highlight was the “Kalicube Babies” showcase, where team members proudly presented projects they own and manage entirely. This empowering approach fosters a sense of ownership and excellence, allowing individuals to truly shine in their roles.

“Kalicube Baby” is a term coined by Jason Barnard which refers to a project that is managed entirely (meaning–100 percent) by one person, allowing them to take full ownership and nurture its growth. 

About Kalicube

The momentum continued with insightful mastermind sessions. These collaborative brainstorming sessions encouraged open discussion and the sharing of best practices that would propel Kalicube forward.

Beyond individual goals, we are a team united by a shared vision – to make Kalicube an even better version of itself and to solidify its position as a leader in digital marketing. This team was undeniably ambitious, and that’s what made the Kalicube (courageous, smart and of course – FUN!).

Day 2: Fun and Games

The strategic planning sessions may be over, but the Kalicube team’s energy is far from over! After a productive day two, infectious laughter and cheers echoed across the stunning beachfront of BE Resort Mactan as colleagues bonded over friendly competition for some sun-soaked fun and games. The Kalicube team knows how to get things done (and have fun doing it)! Woohoo!

Who are the Kalicube Team

Kalicube was initially “Just Jason ”. Over time, as Kalicube expanded its operations and brought on new team members such as Katrina, Joan, Mary Ann, Maria, Jean Marie and Allyssa , it began to evolve from a one-man operation into a robust company with its own unique identity.

The Kalicube team (2023) is composed of a diverse and talented group of professionals, each bringing their own unique skills to the table: 

  1. Jason Barnard – Founder and CEO 
  2. Véronique Barnard – Head of Visual Branding
  3. Anton Shulke – Head of Influencer Marketing
  4. Katrina Bonete – Content Marketing Manager 
  5. Joan B. Atizado – Social Media Manager 
  6. Mary-Ann Buarao – Customer Value Manager and Podcast Coach
  7. Maria Victoria Siasat – Podcast and Events Manager
  8. Jean Marie Laurente – Website Content Manager
  9. Kristine Manito – Transcription and Copywriting
  10. Allyssa Reyes – Kalicube Pro Team Manager 
  11. Nell Santos – Kalicube Pro Team Member 
  12. Bernadeth Brusola– Copywriting and Promotions

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