The Kalicube Process as an ORM Strategy to Quickly Suppress Negative Search Results for a Person

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A well-known CEO in the United States discovered an unflattering article about him and his company on the first page of Google when people searched his name. The article was a huge risk to his personal brand, the company’s reputation, and its finances. For obvious reasons, no personal or commercial details are disclosed in this case study.

The CEO used a traditional SEO agency to apply traditional ORM strategies, such as creating new content to drown out and outrank the negative article. The tactic failed because Google’s advanced algorithms prioritize informative and accurate content regardless of sentiment. New content was unable to push the article from page one. 

The CEO contacted various public relations agencies and was quoted upwards of USD 30,000 for outreach and content to suppress the negative result, with no guarantee of success. 

The CEO discovered that traditional SEO ORM and PR took longer than he expected. The client did not have six months to fix the issue and risked losing his reputation and company if the article continued to dominate page one. 

He contacted us at Kalicube for help.  

Kalicube’s Solution

In just one month, Kalicube achieved the results listed below.

  • Removed the negative article from page one of the client’s brand SERP.
  • Moved the article from page two down to page three of the client’s brand SERP. 
  • Saved the client money compared to traditional ORM methods.
  • Avoided creating unnecessary content on third-party sites.
  • Set up a foundation for long-term stability against future reputation threats.

The Process

Kalicube fast-tracked phases one and two of The Kalicube Process to improve the client’s appearance on Google so that anyone looking him up would find positive and correct details that truly represent his professional achievements.

1. Understanding and Knowledge Optimization

Kalicube audited the client’s digital ecosystem and updated all assets with accurate and consistent information about the client. The audit ensured Google’s algorithms better understood and evaluated the client’s brand fairly, leading to more accurate, fair, and representative search results.

2. Digital Footprint Expansion: 

Kalicube expanded the client’s digital presence by creating profiles on authoritative and industry-relevant platforms. This increased Google’s understanding of the client and amplified their NEEATT (Notability, Expertise, Experience, Authority, Trustworthiness, Transparency) credibility signals, enhancing the client’s online visibility and trustworthiness.

3. Leapfrogging Technique: 

Kalicube used its leapfrogging strategy to optimize existing positive content and move it above negative content in the Brand SERP. By optimizing existing positive content to rank higher, Kalicube pushed the negative content down the page, making it less visible and credible.

4. Weekly Monitoring: 

Kalicube monitored the client’s Brand SERP weekly to manage sentiment and adapt strategies to suppress the negative content.

A Visual Representation of Kalicube’s Progress With ORM

ORM is a sensitive topic, especially when dealing with negative press. The images below illustrate the movement of the negative result (highlighted in purple) during weeks one and two and then three and four of the project. The images are taken from Kalicube Pro, our proprietary digital marketing platform containing over 2 billion data points, 20,000,000 KGMID that allow Kalicube to create laser-focused strategies for ORM, brand building and digital marketing strategies that are simple, effective, and future proof.

Image for ORM Case Study

The Kalicube Pro dashboard demonstrates the negative result on page one of Google in weeks one and two of the ORM project.

Image for ORM Case Study

The Kalicube Pro dashboard demonstrates the negative result on page one of Google in weeks three and four of the ORM project.


The result was remarkably fast compared to traditional SEO, ORM, and PR strategies because The Kalicube Process manages the foundational understanding of the algorithms and builds on that understanding rather than focusing on “drowning” the result or tricking the algorithms. 

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Next Steps

To ensure lasting results and protect the brand from new negative content, Kalicube recommends that people build a strong personal brand so that Google’s Knowledge Algorithms understand who the person is, what they do, and who they serve. When Google is confident in its understanding of a brand and its credibility, it is easier to focus Google on representing the brand fairly in search results for the brand name. 

When it doesn’t understand a brand, Google cannot weigh and measure negative results with other online credibility signals and represent a brand SERP fairly. Proactive brand management protects people from negative press because it allows for swift and effective responses using the abovementioned techniques. 

What is the Kalicube Process?

The Kalicube Process is a three-stage-complete digital marketing strategy that allows brands to optimize their visibility, message, and acquisition funnel across their entire digital ecosystem. The Process is simple, straightforward, and grounded in brand, marketing, and search engine optimization (and it is future-proof SEO: the Kalicube Process optimizes for Google’s AI Overviews and Bing ChatGPT right out of the box). 

Phase 1: Understandability

We build understanding by positioning your brand exactly where your audience is searching, ensuring that search engines have a crystal-clear understanding of what your brand stands for. This involves a comprehensive audit of your digital ecosystem, correcting inconsistent messaging. We optimize all digital assets—your About page (or entity home), social media profiles, and articles—to ensure consistency in messaging so that when users search your name, they find you. This phase is the foundation for all personal brands and lays the foundation for Google and its assessment of you.

Phase 2: Credibility

This phase involves positioning your brand inside the correct peer group by showing up in the places your audience and the search engines expect you to be. It bolsters your credibility within your niche, builds on the understanding in phase one, and grows credibility in your audience and Google’s eyes. This step is crucial for brands looking to overcome negative perceptions or those who wish to build a robust defense against potential future reputation issues.

Phase 3: Deliverability

Finally, we focus on deliverability by crafting the ultimate digital strategy you implement by creating content in the right format and using your brand messaging across the various platforms where it will have the most impact. You learn how to package the content for your audience and the search engines. The goal here is not just visibility but also providing value. You show up wherever your target audience is looking for a solution to their problems online. You’re omnipresent. In online reputation management, phase three creates a buffer of positive information around your Brand SERP, effectively serving as a cushion against less favorable content.

By diligently following these three phases in The Kalicube Process, you can conquer your digital marketing—become omnipresent online, the representative brand in your audience and Google’s eyes, balance negative content, and make more money.


Kalicube’s expertise in digital marketing produced a fast and effective solution to a damaging online reputation risk at a fraction of the usual cost while laying the foundation for sustainable positive online presence management in the future.

We recommend implementing the three phases of The Kalicube Process to manage your online reputation. This client was happy with the results after three months of working with Kalicube. Still, to ensure the algorithm updates don’t move the negative result back to page one, it’s imperative to implement The Kalicube Process fully.

Pro Tip: The Kalicube Process is the ultimate future-proof digital marketing strategy that makes your personal brand THE brand your audience and Google want to work with. Aside from protecting your brand from negative press, you’ll be omnipresent and show up wherever your ideal audience is looking for a solution to their problems. The off-SERP assistive engines like ChatGPT and in-search assistive engines like AI Overviews and CoPilot will introduce your brand into the conversations they are having with their users and deliver you more business. Who doesn’t want search assistive engines and off-SERP assistive engines sending business your way?

Your Options for Implementing the Kalicube Process

To implement the Kalicube Process, choose any of the options below.

1. Do it yourself. Access our free learning resources, join the Kalicube Academy, or read  Jason’s The Fundamentals of Brand SERPs for Business book for everything you need to optimize your brand for your audience and the search engines.

2. Book a Done For You Service. The team at Kalicube works with you to fix your online reputation challenge and implement the Kalicube Process for your brand, working within your existing resources and priorities and saving you valuable time. 

Is negative press damaging your reputation and affecting your ability to attract clients? We can help. Book a free call with Jason

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