The Kalicube Process Gives You SEO Results

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What is The Kalicube Process?

The Kalicube Process is a set of steps designed by Kalicube Pro to educate search engines about a business’s Brand. It is a strategy that demonstrates the Brand’s authority and credibility and builds search engine understanding and confidence in the Brand so it displays it prominently in search results. The goal is to control the Brand’s online presence and reputation.

Kalicube Process focus areas

The process involves three focus areas:

  1. Brand SERP: A Brand SERP is the Google Search result for your Brand name. The process involves optimizing how your Brand appears when someone searches for it.
  2. Knowledge Panel: These are information boxes that appear on Google when you search for notable entities. The process involves managing this information to ensure it accurately represents the Brand.
  3. Entity Home: A Brand’s main online presence (usually its website). The process ensures this website is effectively optimized and accurately represents the Brand.

The overall goal of the Kalicube Process is to manage and improve how a Brand is represented in digital search results, to help businesses attract the right customers and dominate search results, lowering visibility for their competition. After implementing this process, Brands can expect increased online traffic and more success, including an increased customer base and revenue.

How the Kalicube Process Produces Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Results

The importance of the Kalicube Process for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is immense, as it provides a comprehensive framework for managing and optimising a Brand’s online presence. 

Below are some examples of how the Kalicube Process is key to search engine optimization.

1 Brand SERP Optimization

The Kalicube Process focuses primarily on optimizing a Brand’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It helps companies “own” the first page of Google results for their Brand name, which is vital for Brand visibility and reputation management.

Scott Duffy Brand SERP
Example of a Brand SERP for a person

2. Knowledge Panel Management

Knowledge Panels provide users with quick access to information directly in search results. The Kalicube Process helps create and manage these panels. It influences what information is displayed about the Brand, positioning the Brand as an authority in its niche.

A Google Knowledge Panel is a search results feature that provides a concise summary of information about an Entity such as a company, person, or Brand collected by Google from a variety of credible sources. It is Google’s understanding of the facts about your Entity.

The Kalicube Process ensures it’s not a matter of “if” your Brand can get a Knowledge Panel, but “when”.

Kalicube Knowledge Panel
Example of a Knowledge Panel for a company

3. Generative AI Optimization

The new world of search is generative AI: ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Google Bard and Google’s integration of generative AI into Google Search – Search Generative Experience (SGE).

The reason the Kalicube Process has proven itself in search today and will continue to prove itself in conversational answer engines and assistive engines in the future is simple. The Kalicube process is built on feeding the foundational Search Engine Algorithms that determine the search results that appear when a user performs a search. Search engines use these algorithms to populate and update their Knowledge Graphs. And they are the same algorithms that were used to train the LLMs.

The strategy works with Google’s Search Generative Experience and Generative AI to help Brands show up positively in AI-generated content. This future-proofs a Brand’s SEO strategy and ensures it is in line with search engine advancements.

Generative AI answer for Kalicube Pro
Generative AI answer for Kalicube Pro

4. Reputation Management

By giving Brands control over their online presence, the Kalicube Process helps with reputation management, influencing SEO results. 

It works primarily by educating search engines, particularly Google, about your Brand, so the engines perceive and present your Brand in the way you want them to. 

In particular, it helps with the following.

  1. Improving your Google Business Card (your Brand SERP) by perfecting your Brand’s message on Google.
  2. Managing negative content if negative content appears in Google search results. The Kalicube Process can push this negative content off the first page of Google SERPs.
  3. Increasing “owned result position”. It aims to achieve 80% or more control of the results. That is, as many results as possible that come from either owned, controlled or semi-controlled website pages.
  4. Triggering one or more Rich Elements/SERP Features in search results, such as Twitter Boxes, Video Boxes, Image Boxes, People Also Ask, etc.

5. Digital Ecosystem Cleansing

This process is about cleaning up a Brand’s digital ecosystem and ensuring consistency, accuracy and positivity across all digital platforms – from social media to search engine results. When Brands deliver consistent, credible and authoritative messages across the entire ecosystem, it builds search engine understanding. When those messages are corroborated by third-party sources, it builds confidence to display the Brand in the Brand SERP.

6. Entity SEO

Search engines recognize ‘Entities’ (people, organisations, things) and their interconnections. The Kalicube process is founded in Entity SEO and actively builds relationships and connections with other Entities. This ensures the search engine algorithms accurately understand what a Brand is, what it does and who it serves – and where it “fits” in Google’s Knowledge Graph of “facts”. 

7. Natural Language Processing

Google is a semantic search engine. By leveraging Google’s Natural Language Processing, the Kalicube process makes content on the Brand’s platforms easy for Google to crawl, annotate and index. This optimizes the content for search algorithms, especially AI algorithms. By providing context around your brand and its audience, Kalicube helps Google understand exactly what your Brand represents. This way, Google can accurately represent your Brand in search results and improve its online reputation.

The Kalicube Process provides a comprehensive and strategic approach to SEO that goes beyond traditional keyword optimization and link building.

Case Study: Kalicube Successfully Helped Clients and the Company Itself Implement the Kalicube Process and Get Good SEO Results

Merci Facteur

Kalicube spent two years with Robin Bourdet, the CEO of Merci Facteur, implementing the Kalicube process. Initially, the company had a 37% year-over-year drop in SEO traffic. Using the Kalicube process, which creates search engine understanding, credibility and deliverability the company has increased to 33% year over year. And that’s a huge turnaround.

Google Search Console insights of Merci Facteur
Google Search Console insights of Merci Facteur

The FAQ technique of the Kalicube Process provides incredible short-term growth and ROI for Merci Facteur as a simple SEO strategy.

Google Search Console insights of Merci Facteur’s FAQ Section


Kalicube has been working with Ubigi for several years and has managed to operate autonomously without the constant guidance of Jason Barnard. The company has a modulable digital strategy that it can now manage itself, and Jason no longer needs to coach, advise, or give it reports.

Google Search Console insights of Ubigi

The great advantage of the Kalicube Process is that once a company has implemented it, it no longer needs an agency. We developed the relevant strategies and techniques for Ubigi between 2018 and 2021. Ubigi is now implementing its customized version of the Kalicube Process with its team and seeing more than double the number of visitors to its website each year. Ubigi is now increasing traffic via SEO by 163% year-over-year. And that’s not even counting social media, Brand traffic, articles, and traffic they’re getting from review platforms like Trustpilot. And that’s huge. These are strategies that any marketer can implement.

Pro Tip: Kalicube works hard to show our clients that they do not have to be afraid of the bots, algorithms and engines of Bing and Google. When a company implements an effective digital marketing strategy: Packages content for Google and Bing and demonstrates that it can satisfy the end user… then there is no reason to fear the future.

You will find more client success stories on the website. 

How does the Kalicube Process give SEO results

To give SEO results, the Kalicube Process creates a holistic digital marketing strategy and structured approach that includes several key elements. It leverages data from the Kalicube Pro SaaS platform to develop the optimal strategy. This strategy leverages your Brand’s internal resources, addresses the expectations of your ideal audience, and identifies the most effective digital channels for your industry. The process organically increases Brand awareness, search traffic, and profits over time.

1. Understanding

Understanding your Brand, your target audience, your goals, and the most effective digital channels for your industry. This understanding will help develop a more effective SEO strategy tailored to your Brand’s specific needs and context.

2. Credibility

Building your Brand’s credibility online. This includes generating positive reviews, valuable backlinks and quality content. This leads to better SEO rankings as search engines rank your website as more trustworthy and authoritative.

3. Deliverability

The process ensures that your digital marketing efforts are delivered in a format your audience wants to consume them. It ensures your Brand packages the same information in a way the search engines can easily understand and serve to its users. It creates an “infinite, self-confirming loop” from your Brand’s ‘Entity Home’ to third-party sources and back, reinforcing your Brand’s message and identity in the eyes of search engines.

Overall, the Kalicube Process provides a comprehensive, data-driven, and efficient approach to improving your Brand’s SEO performance.

Please book a free call with Jason to discuss how the Kalicube Process can engrain your Brand across the digital landscape, increase organic traffic and remain relevant in the future of search. The time to start is now.


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