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Advanced Expert Tips on Image SEO with Olesia Korobka 27 April 2021 at 17 H CEST (Paris)

How does Google learn? In this clip, Jason explains that Google is like a child. When a child is not sure of something, it stops talking, just like Google. When Google is not sure of something, it also stops “talking.” What will happen if you’ll just throw everything at it? Answer: you will break Google’s confidence. As a result, it will get lost like a child. Funny enough, Olesia and Jason were FILMING ON top of Google. Curious? Watch this clip to find out. ????

00:05 Google as a Child
00:20 The Importance of Confidence
00:41 Standing on (Google) The “Child Hill”

Transcript from: Google is a Child and We Need to Educate it – Confidence is Key

If we look at Google as a child, (which I do a lot, and we’ll probably talk about that later) when a child isn’t sure, it stops talking. When Google isn’t sure, when Google isn’t confident, it says “I had better not say anything because I’m not sure anymore.” So (the Knowledge Panel) disappears. Confidence is so important. And if you just throw everything at it, you’re going to break that confidence because you’re throwing so much confusing, contradictory information at it. It’ll just get lost (like a child). That’s not how you educate.

Do you know what the hill is called where we are filming this?

That’s a very good point. It’s called “Hill of the Child”, “Child Hill”! Yes!

So in fact, we are standing on Google. Google is a child. We are the responsible adults in the room. We need to educate Google. And today in Kiev, standing on Child Hill, we are standing on Google. Wow! Isn’t that cool? I love that!

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