Repurposing Video Content Using Short Clips

Repurposing Video Content Using Short Clips

Creating Successful Content Strategy for LinkedIn (Understanding Prominence vs Presence) with Purna Virji 18 January 2022 at 17 H CEST (Paris)

In this clip, Purna Virji and Jason Barnard explain some techniques for repurposing video as short clips using Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets as an example. Jason also points out the importance of the content team behind this work: in this case, the Kalicube team who’s behind the Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets project. Purna enthuses that this is an ingenious way of creating content and that others should do the same.

00:00 Proactive engagement with audience
00:42 “Create once, distribute forever”
01:19 Picking the best contents for your audience

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We’ll also asking this, shamelessly remember Search Engine.

And that is a really good point that you didn’t make. But I think you were about to make is. We as SEOs are obsessed, about People Also Ask, We say let’s answer all these questions. Get ourselves a People Also Ask, and maybe a Featured Snippet or maybe a ranking. We could actually pull all that over, and make an article or a post on LinkedIn. And people will naturally be interested in it. Assuming we can actually reach our audience. So, proactively answering questions and, pushing that out to our audience on LinkedIn would be incredibly powerful.

Oh, a thousand percent. That would be absolutely brilliant. Put it is a post, and then take that same content, and maybe create a compilation on your website. Right? Ross Simmonds always says this “Create once, distribute forever” and content can live on and on. And another thing you do Jason, you have a show like this and then. You pluck out, two-minute snippets or a one-minute snippet. And you have that as a separate video on your YouTube channel, which is brilliant. And then you’ll share that on Twitter, on LinkedIn, on Facebook. And so the same content everywhere. It’s so genius and more people should do it.

Oh, sorry a big hello to the Kalicube team who actually do the work. They pick the great spots. They make those videos, they push them out. I really enjoy it. We call it Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets, with the idea that we’re trying to pick moments that standalone with one or two minutes where you or the guest teaches, something that I don’t know anything about. And that’s wonderful because it also helps me to remember what you’ve been talking about. So, we’ll get some great ones from this.

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