Early Years as an Entrepreneur and How He Became Successful with Google and Digital Marketing

Funding CEO Academy Founder’s Leo Kanell with Jason Barnard on Kalicube Tuesdays Livestream Series

In this clip, Jason Barnard tells the fascinating story of how he started his journey as an entrepreneur in the early years of his career. He started out as a member of a punk folk band and he dreamt of becoming a rock star. Jason also shares tips on all sorts of wonderful concepts around pragmatism, actions over words, being in business and the all-important need to educate your audience in every way possible way.

00:00 Becoming a rock star
01:09 Creating a cartoon series for children
01:20 Being a successful business owner

Transcript from: Early Years as an Entrepreneur and How He Became Successful with Google and Digital Marketing

Of course more about our audience and guest. What is your background and what would you say that led you…

Going into some of your early years into entrepreneurship and to become a business owner? Right, well in fact the reason I became a business owner is I joined a punk-folk band in France in 1989. And we wanted to be music stars. We wanted to fill shea stadium with people, We wanted to be rock stars. Seriously, wanted to be rock stars and record companies didn’t want us. So, I created a record company to actually release the records and organize the tours. It wasn’t a seven figure company because in the music industry when you’re playing punk-folk music you don’t make seven figures in a year. But we probably made seven figures over a 10 year period.

Then that fell apart because the band split up, which is a classic rock music story. So, I created a TV series. A cartoon series for children with my wife. And that was a seven figure company. As I mentioned to you before the show, we were very successful. 5 million visits a month to our site, to a site for kids. We released a TV series, 52 episodes in 2008. I was a blue dog in the TV series, as well as the business owner and that was with ITV International.

Jason, That’s amazing that kind of makes you.

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